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The books must flow!

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society successfully deployed a Little Free Library in front of our building at 3310 East Baltimore Street on 03/25/2023. The library features a two compartment design with the lower one for children's books and the upper for YA+ books. Books will be suitable SF and fantasy duplicates donated to our library (our holdings are over 17000 titles inside the building) and other children's books donated specifically to assist in improving reading skills in a fun way. The design of this library fits to the odd available location available at our building and criteria specified by our friends in Baltimore City Government. (and still look like a typical little library as much as possible)

Donations of books and particularly Children's Books to place in the Little Free Library are very welcome. Email president at bsfs dot org to make arrangements to drop off books. (although you can drop off books for the Little Free Library at any in-person event at the BSFS Building as long as it is only a box or two)

Donations of funds to buy kids books can be made through out paypal link, just follow the directions to put in "Little Library" for where you want the donation to be applied at the link: Donate to BSFS with PayPal


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