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This list is not intended as a complete list of all of the conventions that exist, by no means. It is a list of the conventions that we are personally interested in, or involved in (or that we have been asked to include for one reason or another).

o Albacon Schenectady, NY

o Arisia, Inc. Boston, MA

o Anthrocon Philadelphia, PA

o Astronomicon Rochester, NY

o Balticon Baltimore, MD - Our Convention

o Boskone Boston, MA

o Capclave Washington, DC. Short Story Focus

o Confluence Pittsburgh, PA

o Costume Con (It moves about)

o Northeast Filk Music Convention Known as Counterpoint when in Baltimore Area

o DragonCon Atlanta, GA

o Eurocon; The European Continental Convention

o FarPoint a great media con.

o I-Con Stony Brook, NY

o   JohnCon: Johns Hopkins University Campus, Baltimore, MD

o Katsucon Arlington, VA - Anime

o Nuke-Con Omaha, NE

o Origins Columbus, OH - gaming

o OryCon Portland, OR

o Otakon Formerly of Baltimore, MD, Now Washington DC -anime

o Penguincon Detroit, MI

o PhilCon Philadelphia, PA

o Readercon Burlington, MA

o Shore Leave Hunt Valley, MD - Media Con

o Smofcon - Con for Convention Management

o TCEP #__ (Tad & Craig's Excellent Party) Herndon, VA

o Wiscon - the gathering of the feminist SF community in Madison, WI

Other Convention Web Listings

o Anime Con List all over

o Con List all over

o all over, all types

o WorldCon Focus page

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