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The BSFS Building is located at 3310 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, and is the home of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Inc. Please do not send mail to the building address, instead send mail Here.


Front of and Map to our Building



From the North (and East of Baltimore):

From the North (and East of Baltimore) take Interstate 95 south, use Exit 59 to get onto Eastern Ave. and head west toward the Highlandtown section of Baltimore.

Travel on Eastern Avenue through Greek town and under the railroad bridges continuing straight on Eastern Avenue. Through Highlandtown till you reach Highland Avenue. Turn right (north) onto Highland Avenue and proceed north on Highland to the traffic light at East Baltimore Street. Turn left onto East Baltimore. Half way down the block on the right is a double-wide building with a formstone facade and a sign in the window that says "Baltimore Science Fiction Society" and "3310" on the door. (That's the BSFS Building)

After you pass the BSFS building from the East, the next corner is Clinton Street. There is usually parking on Clinton street or on Noble street where Clinton connects with Noble. Please note when you are looking for the BSFS building on East Baltimore that the house numbers on the north side of the street do not match the numbers on the south side of the street; if you read the south side of the street numbers you will never find us. (This happens all the time.)

From the South

From the South on Interstate 95, proceed north through the Fort McHenry tunnel (on Interstate 95) to exit 59, and follow the directions above for people coming from the north.

From the North (near I-83):

From the North take Interstate 83 south until you run out of Interstate 83. This will put you at Fayette Street next to the Main Post Office. Turn left onto Fayette and proceed until you reach Highland Avenue, where you should turn to the right and proceed two blocks and turn right onto East Baltimore Street.

Info About Bus Routes:

The BLUE and ORANGE cross city Bus lines now stop at the corner of Highland and East Baltimore Street one block east of the BSFS Building. The #22 Bus also stops at these bus stops, but has a shorter run. The BLUE Bus Line travels all the way to the MARC Station in West Baltimore, but the MARC train does not run late at night so check schedules to plan.

Driving in Alley Behind BSFS:

If you need to bring something to the back door at BSFS, do not drive down the alley from Highland, nor drive up the alley from Noble Street. Only carefully back down the alley from Clinton Street. Cars try the other ways and crunch against the walls all the time as there is something deceptive about the angles. Backing up from Clinton works well or park on the street and let us know you need a cart. (we have several easy to use carts)

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