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Other SF Resources from BSFS
BalticonFor a great convention with media programming as well as everything related to Science Fiction check out the Maryland Regional Science Fiction Convention
o 1950's Space Operas A fan site for 1950's Space Opera TV Shows
o 37.5 Productions: Baltimore Film Makers and Film Fest Organizers
o AmazeFilms - Distributors of the highly-acclaimed "Short Series". From Academy Award-winners to cult classics, the "Short Series" contains some of the most entertaining short films on a home video collection.
o Andromeda TV Series
o Anime Resources Page
o Babylon 5's Lurker Guide
o Babylon 5's definitive Trivia Site
o Battlestar Galactica Official Site
o Battlestar Galactica Fan Site
o Battlestar Galactica Fanclub
o Bloodties Fan Site
o C Wayne Owens' Movie & TV News: , Heavily weighted towards SF and Fantasy film.
o Leanna Chamish Baltimore Local SF Model and Actress
o Chiller TV Horror Movie Fan site and Streaming Video Channel
o Creature Feature Weekly Web Program and Count Gore de Vol Fan Site
o Dark Shadows Fan Site
o Dark Shadows Fan Site II
o Dr. Who News site
o Farpoint Convention A fine Baltimore Media SF Convention
o Farscape Fan Site
o Firefly Fan Site
o Futurama Fan Site
o Galactic Senate Forum Starwars Site
o Heroes TV Show Official Site
o Heroes TV Show Fan Site
o Holywood Movie Parody News Site
o Kopic's: Dr Who, Torchwood and Sara Jane News Site. Daily News Update site.
o IFILM Includes downloadable SF and Animation and other short videos.
o Kyle XY TV Fan Site
o Moonlight TV Fan Site
o Movie & TV News: , Heavily weighted towards SF and Fantasy film.
o Old Line Garrison Starwars Fan Costume Site
o Rumour Machine: Fantasy, Horror and SF Film Reviews
o sci-fi Baltimore Local Model and Actress Alexxus Young
o Script-O-Rama Free download of Movie and TV scripts
o Shore Leave Convention A fine Baltimore Media SF Convention
o Star Trek Inspirational Posters
o Star Wars Official Site
o Star Trek Site
o Free download and watch new talent.
o Stargate SG1 Official Site
o SF Television Page: Schedules/News (Constantly updated schedule of every SF TV show with news items and other links and archives.)
o SF TV Episode Database
o Senator Theater Great Venue for SF Movies in Baltimore
o Science Fiction on the Radio
o The SadGeezers Guide to Cult Sci Fi A collection of alternative Sci Fi TV Guides to shows like Babylon 5, LEXX, Red Dwarf, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Aeon Flux, Farscape etc. It contains sections on characters, episodes, cultures and news - there are even Purity Tests. also hosts SadHOO (largest independent Sci Fi directory) and SadBOARD a collection of forums for Sci Fi fans of general or specific shows. This is a non commercial site administered by Science Fiction fans from all over the world.
o Star Trek: New Classic Voyages
Fan created Classic Episodes. Fan Fiction as video.
o TREKKIES 2, The Movie
o Time Ship Studios SF Radio shows.
o Time Warp Films: Baltimore Film Production Company
o The a Starwars Site
o THE DOMINION: Sci-Fi Channel Online
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