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Balticon Sunday Short Film Festival

Every year BSFS, as part of the Balticon Convention, sponsors The Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival (BSSSFFF), held traditionally on (surprise!) Sunday night. Certificates are given for audience-selected best animated and live action films.

Call For Submissions

Dear Film Maker:

The deadline for submitting films for 2019 has passed. To submit a film for 2020, after July 1 go to and click on Sunday Short Film Festival under the Activities tab on the top menu for instructions. Films are due between November 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.

Marv Zelkowitz, Film Festival Chair
Balticon 54, 2020

Results of Prior Film Festivals

Results from the 2019 Balticon Sunday Short Science Fiction Film Festival (BSSSFFF)

From more than 300 submitted films, 17 were selected for presentation:
Title Director/writer Where and date
1 No caminho da escola (On the way to school ) Rosaria Moreira Brazil - 2017
2 Bad Timing Clifford Lowe US - 2019
3 Exit Jose Luis Velazquez Menendez Spain - 2016
4 Gryphon Animo Matthew Maloney US - 2018
6 Greta Dani Calavera Spain - 2019
7 El Despues (Afterwards) Leandro Vallejo Argentina - 2017
8 Sputnik Vincente Bonet Spain - 2017
9 Widdershins Simon P. Biggs UK - 2018
10 Extraterrestres (Aliens) Simon Fariza Spain - 2016
11 Your Last Day on Earth Marc Martinez Jordan Spain - 2018
12 El Origen Jose Antonio Campos Aguilera Spain - 2018
13 Psychic Sue Dave Lojek Ireland - 2014
14 Dark Spectre II Bruce Nachsin US - 2018
15 Celda Dual (Dual Cell) [American Premiere] Ignacio Malagon Del Rio Spain - 2019
16 Loot Pablo Medina Spain - 2018
17 Normal Paco Caballer Spain - 2018
Based upon audience voting, the following 6 certificates were awarded:
First Place - Sputnik by Vincente Bonet (Live action)
Second Place - Greta by Dani Calavera (Live action)
Third Place - Widdershins by Simon P. Biggs (Animation)
Honorable mention - Dark Spectre II by Bruce Nachsin (Live action)
Honorable mention - El Despues (Afterwards) by Leandro Vallejo (Live action)
Honorable mention - Celda Dual (Dual Cell) by Ignacio Malagon Del Rio (Live action)
  Balticon 52 Film Festival 2018 Audience Awards.
The Baltimore Science Fiction Society's Balticon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention was held May 25-28, 2018 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland with close to 1600 science fiction and fantasy fans in attendance. For over 3 hours on Sunday evening a set of 19 short films were viewed by several hundred of these fans. Awards in two categories (Live action and Animation) were given to several of the films based upon audience votes for their favorite films. The winning films were as follows:
Category 1. Live Action
First place: "The Nostalgist" by Giacomo Cimini, 2014, 17:42
Second place: "Future Hero" by Ramin Serry, 2014, 6:26
Third place: "Einstein-Rosen" by Olga Osorio, 2016, 9:00
Honorable mention: "Rise" by Dave Karlak (@davidkarlak), 2014, 5:00
Honorable mention: "Strange Beasts" by Magali Barbe, 2017, 5:19
Honorable mention: "Red Rover" by Brooke Goldfinch, 2015, 15:14
Category 2. Animation
First place: "Wire Cutters" by Jack Anderson, 2014, 8:32
Second place: "Planet Unknown" by Shawn Wang, 2016, 9:15
Third place: "Strange Invaders" by Cordell Barker, 2001, 8:31

Balticon 46 Film Festival 2012 Audience/Director Awards.

Best Animated Short: The Chase — Philippe Gamer, director
Best Live Action Short: The Oblique Sector — Jason M. Reulet, director
Best Specialty Film/Music Video: Eye of the Storm — Christopher Alender, director
Directors Choice: Alchemy and Other Imperfections — Zachary Rothman, writer/director
2nd Place Animated: Eleven — Josh Marvel, director
3rd Place Animated: Le Vilain de petit carre — James and Robert Dastoli, directors
4th Place Animated: Wiggle Room — Joey Shanks, director
2nd Place Specialty Film/Music Video:Better Be Goin' — Robert Fernandez-Ferreira, directors
2nd Place Live Action:Dr. Grodberts: The Deadlist Game — James Cunningham, director
3rd Place Live Action:Certified — Luke Asa Guidici, director
4th Place Live Action:Asternauts — Marta Masferrer, director
5th Place Live Action:Archetype — Aaron Sims, director
6th Place Live Action:Nede — Izabela Ciesinsk, director
7th Place Live Action:Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46 — Anthony Vouardoux
8th Place Live Action:Single Player — Pawel Soja, director
9th Place Live Action:Cache, a Firefly fan film — Clifford Ackman, producer
10th Place Live Action:Rust Valley — John Whoriskey, Jr., director; Ryan Dolton writer
11th Place Live Action:Padlocks — Ettore Nicoletti, director
12th Place Live Action:Alter Ego — Gabe Fremuth, writer/director
13th Place Live Action:When Will It Be Silent — Dan Sachar, director
14th Place Live Action:This Is Entity One — Gregory Raw, director

Balticon 45 Film Festival 2011 Audience/Director Awards.

Best Animated Short: Zero — Christopher Kezelos, director
Best Live Action Short: Dead on Time — Kostos Skiftas, Andreas Lambropoulos, directors
Directors Choice-Animated Sintel — Colin Levy, writer/director
Directors Choice-Live ActionCorbin — Brent Weichsel, director
2nd Place Animated: Virus — Fred Mangan, director
3rd Place Animated: Machines of the Working Class — James and Robert Dastoli, directors
4th Place Animated: Sintel — Colin Levy, director
5th Place Animated:Hambusters — Paul Alexandre, Maxime Cazaux, Dara Cazamea, Romain Delauney, Bruno Ortolland, directors
6th Place Animated:Dr. Time Travel to the Rescue — Clyde James Aragon, director
6th Place Animated:The Wonder Hospital — Boemsik Shimbe Shim, director
2nd Place Live Action:Captivus — Casey Patrick Tebo, director
3rd Place Live Action:Hector Corporation — Gary H. Lee, writer/director
4th Place Live Action:Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement — Jesse Griffith, writer/director
5th Place Live Action:We, Time Machines — Raul Navarro,director
6th Place Live Action:Passing — Kris Holodak, director
7th Place Live Action:Everything is Super — Gareth Davies, director
8th Place Live Action:Gilles Corporation — Chris Shepard, director
9th Place Live Action:Arms Race — Nigel Clagg, director
10th Place Live Action:Lonely — Tara Garwood, director
11th Place Live Action:The Clearing — Seth Larney, director
12th Place Live Action:Corbin — Brent Weichsel, director
13th Place Live Action:Job Interview with a Vampire — Sarah P. Steele, director
14th Place Live Action:Toothless — Steve Dorrington, director
15th Place Live Action:10.09.09 — David Franklin, writer/director
16th Place Live Action:Au Commencement (In the Beginning) — Chris Shepard, director
Specialty ShortElfquest: A Fan Imagining — Stephanie Thorpe, Paula Rhodes, directors

Balticon 44 Film Festival 2010 Audience/Director Awards.

Best Specialty Short(science fact or music video): This Too Shall Pass (music video) — Directors: OK Go, James Frost, Synn Labs
Best Animated Short: ETA — Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, Director
Best Live Action Short(tied score): The Legacy — Mike Doto, writer/director
Best Live Action Short(tied score): Android Love — Lee Citron, writer/director
Directors Choice-AnimatedThe Painter of Skies — Jorge Morais Valle, writer/director
Directors Choice-Live ActionMy Friend Josh — Shaun Springer, director
2nd Place Animated: Back To Life — Mike Salva, director
3rd Place Animated: Santa: The Fascist Years — Bill Plympton, writer/director
4th Place Animated: Vegeterrible — Henrik S√łnniksen, Benjamin Nielson, directors
5th Place Animated:Lifeline — Andres Salaff, writer/director
6th Place Animated:The Astronomer's Dream — Malcolm Sutherland, writer/director
2nd Place Live Action:Measured Sacrifice — Ann Arbor Films, John Whitney, writer/director
3rd Place Live Action:The Frustration With Animation — Bryan Alexander, director
4th Place Live Action:Pos+tive — Lonnie Martin, director
5th Place Live Action:The Anachronism — Matthew Gordon Long, director
6th Place Live Action:The Sweet Hand of the White Rose — Davide Melini, director
7th Place Live Action:Cut|Paste — Thomas Fosseli, Fredrik A. Sundbye, directors
8th Place Live Action:Current — Jordan Sharon, Brian May, directors
9th Place Live Action:Burden — Michael David Lynch, writer/director
10th Place Live Action:S. S. Humanity — Matthew Ladensack, director
11th Place Live Action:Duel of the Overmen — Brendon DeVore, director
12th Place Live Action:Mind Void — Kyle Von Tonder, writer/director
13th Place Live Action:Harley Quinn's Big Blind Date — Jason Damian, director
14th Place Live Action:A Hot Meal — Jamison Derfler, writer/director
15th Place Live Action:The Flash: Crossover — Jason Damian, director
2nd Place Specialty ShortDoes TV Make You Fat? — Denis van Waerebeke, director

Balticon 43 Film Festival 2009 Audience/Director Awards.

Best AnimatedBurning Safari — Created by: Vincent Aupetit, Maxime Maleo, Aurelien Predal, Florent de la Taille, Claude-William Trebutien, Jeanne Irzenski
Best Live ActionThe Hunt for Gollum — Chris Bouchard, director
3rdSix Impossible Things — Patrick VandenBussche, writer/director
4thAlliance — Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, writer/director; Dr. Gemal Seede, writer
5thThe Lift — Kenneth Evans, writer/director
6thThru — Christopher J. Ewing, director
7thThe Space Stone — Angel Declet, writer/director
Directors ChoiceCronos — Juan Pennisi, writer/director

Balticon 42 Film Festival 2008 Audience Award Ranking.

1The End is Night — James Cotter, Director550 points
2The Toll — J. Zachary Pike, Director516 points
3The Ungone — Simon Bovey, Director509 points
4Eli — Josh Lee Kwai, Director503 points
5A Gentlemen's Duel — Franciso Ruiz & Sean McNally, Directors494 points
6Postcards From the Future — Alan Chan, Director484 points
7Memory Sticks — Kris Holodak, Director480 points
8Hugh — Matthieu Navarro, Sylvain Nouveau, Francois Pommiez, Aurore Turbe, Creators454 points
9Final Run — Kenneth Foley, Director392 points
10Light Sabers — Travis Boles, Director367 points
11Replay — Anthony Voisin, Zakaria Boumediane, Fabien Felicite-Zulma, Camille Delmeule, Creators330 points
1272 Hours From Now — David Procter, Peter King, Directors284 points

Balticon 41 Film Festival 2007 Audience Award Ranking.

1Hide and Seek (G) — Chris Romano, Creator/Director645 points
2Delivery (G) — Till Novak; framebox.de628 points
3Bastards of Kirk (PG-13) — Director: Logan Lubera592 points
4Starship Groove (G) — from Animusic2 www.animusic.com551 points
5The Bushman of Bunyip Billabong(G) — Cameron Edser and Michael Richards492 points
6Dark Operations: A Dark Odyssey Begins (PG) — Rising Phoenix Productions370 points
7Copenhagen Cycles (G) — Eric Dyer359 points
8First World: The Revelation of Mankind (PG) — Written by Mark Lund, Directed by Adam Starr337 points
9The Vibranator (R) — Tepid Fish Productions.304 points
10Nebulous 1 (G) — David Wanger; soundscapes by Seiss.199 points

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