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Compton Crook Award

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  1. This must be the author's first commercially available solo (collaborations are not eligible) science fiction, fantasy or horror novel under her/his legal name or any pseudonym. (By "commercially available" we mean available for purchase from one or more internet or brick-and-mortar sellers. This includes direct author-to-reader sales.)
    1. Please note that a first solo novel is eligible even if the author has already had collaborative novels published, as long as those publications listed both authors on the cover.
    2. Novels considered must be adult or young adult novels intended for readers ages 13 and up.
    3. Ebook-only and self-published books count as a first-novel when published, even if the book is later published in print or by a publishing house.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: For purposes of this award, the year of eligibility starts November 1 through October 31st of the following year. So Compton Crook 37 books must have been released between November 1, 2017 and October 31st, 2018 to be eligible. (If the release date is a later year than the copyright, we will consider candidacy based on the author's explanation of the date difference.)
  3. We accept digital-only novels and self-published novels. However, these must meet the same standards for writing and copy editing as print and traditionally published novels.
    1. The digital novel must be provided to us in unprotected epub, mobi, and/or pdf format file via email or on CD's or flash drives.
    2. We will only accept download links for submissions if the link is provided through email to the committee or made available on Google Drive. Otherwise, files must be provided on a CD or flash drive. Please note: we cannot accept links that will not remain live until the end of the candidacy period.
  4. No title is eligible if the author has previously won any award from any Australian, Canadian, UK, British Commonwealth, former British Commonwealth or US organization for any English language novel in any genre.
  5. The Compton Crook committee can, at its discretion, exclude from consideration books that do not meet the award's quality standards. The members of BSFS as a committee of the whole rate the novels to determine the 5-10 finalists and then club members have an additional two months to review the finalists.
  6. There is no rule #6.

A Note About Digital Publications:

An increasing number of club members are reading books digitally. We recommend publishers submit books both in print and digitally. Ebooks will be stored on a Google Drive only accessible to members of BSFS and will be removed after the contest is over. Please make sure that electronic ebooks are not protected so club members can download them to their devices.

While, due to time and human-power constraints, we will not seek out ebooks or self-published novels, we will accept them for consideration (as long as they meet the same quality standards as traditionally published novels).

Sending Your Books

Authors, agents, and publishers are encouraged to send us four to six (4 to 6) copies of genre debut novels you represent which you believe meet eligibility criteria. Advance Review Copies are welcome.

Authors, if you believe your debut novel is eligible to be a candidate for the Compton Crook Award, by all means write to us at ComptonCrook AT BSFS DOT org. The nominating committee will consider your novel and write to you if your novel has been nominated as a candidate. Please make it easy for us to reach you by providing an email address you check regularly and/or a phone number.

When sending copies of candidate novels which are not digital-only, we recommend sending both 4 to 6 print copies and ebooks in epub, mobi, and pdf formats. At least one copy must be a print copy. We recognize that providing multiple print copies represents more expense both for product and shipping, but additional print copies allows more people to read and rate novels, especially since many members only visit the clubhouse once a month for meetings. We accept electronic books on cd, email, or flashdrive. We are happy to accept a link to your digital publication if the link will remain live for the entire candidacy period. We will provide the link to BSFS members at BSFS HQ and via email when we receive an email request from an eligible voter. The earlier donated books and links are received (and the more copies received) the more reader exposure they will benefit from. We do have a few members who need audio books in order to participate in voting, so would welcome mp3 audio files when such are available.

The BSFS package shipping address effective 08/14/2017 is:

          BSFS - Compton Crook Award Committee
          4725 Dorsey Hall Dr. Suite A
          PMB 311
          Ellicott City, MD 21042

All Compton Crook Award book donation packages should include a memo or letter which:

  • indicates that the novel is intended for Compton Crook Award consideration;
  • provides both email and telephone contact information for the author and/or publicist; and
  • states that the novel meets requirements as listed in the Candidate Eligibility Requirements.

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