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These are the winners of the BSFS Young Writers Contest including First, Second and Third Place winners in one file for a given year. Authors retain all copyright to the work posted on this YWC site and BSFS will act to support the author's right to their work. If an author wants us to remove a story, just let us know.

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"Oracle" by Bianca Sauro
"Magic" by Angelica Jones
"Newfound Normality" by Scott Hudson

"Witness Me" by Cecilia Hornyak
"Stickman" by Makaylie Doody
"Relinquished Melody" by June Barash

"The Buoyancy of Thoughts" by Sydney Zimmerman
"Apocalypse Radio" by Claire Sparks
"Archaic Smile" by Keira DiGaetano

"Something Like Sam" by Lucas Craig
"Noah Berry" by Kayleigh Ford
"The Dryads Love" by Ronan Bogley

"One Minute Left" by Sarah Robertson
"Interview with Mars Three Crew" by Sam Giedzinski
"How the Rav Tricked the Dragon" by Ruth Sexton
"One Minute Left" by Sarah Robertson (Honorable Mention)
"Interview with Mars Three Crew" by Sam Giedzinski (Honorable Mention)
"How the Rav Tricked the Dragon" by Ruth Sexton (Honorable Mention)

"Darker Horizons" by Jamie Gilkeson
"To Tell A Lie" by Anna Blue Keleher
"Waybread" by Margaret Fletcher
"Darker Horizons" by Jamie Gilkeson (Honorable Mention)
"To Tell A Lie" by Anna Blue Keleher (Honorable Mention)
"Waybread" by Margaret Fletcher (Honorable Mention)

"Somnium" by Erin Caine
"The Golden Fish" by Hannah Meshulam
"Radioactive: June's Story" by Kierstin M. Klimas

"The Bubble" by Jordan Link
"Dragon" by Gergory J. Downs
"Ghost Fire" by Lanett Bagley & Erin Sauter

"A Game of Cards" by Gregory J. Downs
"Unicorn Story" by Brendan Bogley
"Sleeper" by Daniel O'Neill
"The Road Not Taken" by Jeanette Brown
"The Man in the Wall" by Julian Butcher

"Loops" by Peter Veres
"Shadowville" by C.A. Lippert
"Faceless" by Nick Anstett
"No Honor" by Constantine Nakos
"The Beast Within" by Brendan Bogley

"The Hoard Keeper" by Brenden Bogley
"Dreamland for Insomniacs" by Margaret Renninger
"Snow Angel" by Helen Zhao

"The Passing" by Kiyanna Remington
"A Cardboard Box" by Hiroko Nishimura
"Seer" by Rebecca S. Mazariegos

"Do Dolls Have Souls?" by Jenny Zhang
"Out of Thin Air" by Angelica Martinez
"Dragon Theory" by Jessica Adams

"31 K" by Tom Wier
"Twelve and Under" by Davi da Silva
"Persil, SAGE, Rosemary, and Time" by Erin Binkley"
"Every Time I Close My Eyes" by C.J. Henderson

"Birth" by Adina Rubinoff
"The Only One" by Rebecca Goldstein
"The People of the Sea" by Rachel Lipsy

"Dragon Sight" by Jenna Brager
"Listen to This" by Meredith A.E. Collier
"Destiny" by Alan Eng

"The Funeral" by Wes Schatz
"The Power of the Pen" by J. Lindsay Brown
"This Place, This Day" by Christian Klarner

"Beware the Cookies" by Patricia Barnable
"The Bunkie" by Chris Griswold
"Falling Apart" by Rachel Nicholson

"Best Friend" by Sarah Morrow
"The Keeper of the Ring" by Alyssa Ashley
"The Price of Peace...the Price of War" by Chris Cheok
"The Ballad of the Eco-Rustlers"

"Noon" by Dorothy Hayes
"Cold Comfort" by Chitra Kalyandurg
"Paranoia" by Amanda Foust

"The Saga of Valric the Wanderer Book Two: All Hallows's Eve" by David Marsich

"Tinkerbell's Hell" by Marian Rosenberg
"Stalag" by John Stoddert
"(Untitled)" by T.J. Peterson

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