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Writers Workshop at BSFS Building
The Baltimore Science Fiction Society hosts day long writing workshops run by active and acclaimed professional writers in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. Workshops are dedicated to improving the writing techniques of participants. The topics covered include openings and endings, plot and tension, character development, writing dialogue, the novel vs the short story, and other vital aspects of writing. Brenda Clough, Jonathan Maberry, Morgan Keyes, and Catherine Asaro have all taught at the BSFS Building.

The cost to each participant is typically set to pay for included lunch and basic expenses, and attendance is usually limited to fifteen people per workshop--payment is due two weeks before the day of the workshop. The workshops are self-supporting and do not generate profit. Please contact "BSFSEvents at BSFS dot org" for more information, including how to submit payment.

Dr. Catherine Asaro teaches how to use science in science fiction

Writers Workshop at Balticon

For those who want to improve your writing skills in the areas of science fiction and fantasy, the workshop is a place and time to discuss ideas, debate styles and comment on each others' work. We look at various aspects of writing:

1) Opening lines
2) Outlines
3) Themes
4) Character development
5) Story structure
6) Dialogue

In addition, we also discuss and debate those things that make SF&F different from 'mainsteam' literature: story ideas ranging from the dawn of time through the future, parallel worlds, civilizations human and non-human, technology advancing and threatening; settings near and far, on this planet and others, running across dimensions, travelling through the past and future; characters that are human, non-human, organic, inorgranic, physical and spiritual; settings ranging from worlds the size of a microbe to civilizations spanning galaxies. Yet all these connecting to us as people.

Having trouble with your short stories? We can work with you. Not sure how to write a novel? Talk to others who have done one or two. Wondering how to approach an editor, or how to write a cover letter? Let us help you. We don't guarantee story sales, but we do what we can to help you. If you have questions, write to writersworkshop at bsfs dot org.

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