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2023 BSFS Amateur Writing Contest winners at Capclave. Pictured from left: Harold Stull,Third Place; Madeline Barnicle, First Place; Steve Lubs, Second Place.

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society Amateur Writing Contest promotes the creation of quality genre literature in the state of Maryland. The contest was first held in 2013, and past winners are listed below. Click here for contest details and how to enter.

First place - "Hot and Cold and Wet and Dry" by Madeline Barnicle
Second place - "Intervention" by Steve Lubs
Third place - "Q-BNB" by Harold Stull

First place - "Planks and Screws" by Isabella Madruga
Second place - "Primal Numbers" by Tim Coman
Third place - "Rust" by Erica Stover

First place - "Grounded" by Jeff Dunne.
Second place - "Imp" by Steve Lubs.
Third place - "Ghosted" by Peter Stine.

First place - "The Dragon Who Refused to Fly" by Mary Harrigan.
Second place - "Starling" by Alexander Dzwonchyk.
Third place - "A Tale from the Harmonium" by Miguel O. Mitchell.

First place - "Echo" by Preston Stone. Read Echo here.
Second place - "Angel" by 3 Retired Rabbits
Third place - "The Water Always Glints in the Sun" by Amy Bernstein

First place - "Shakti" by J.K. Ullrich. Read Shakti here.
Second place - "Gardener of the Bright and Swift" by F. Dan O'Neill
Third place - "Augury" by Deidre Delpino Dykes

First place - "Beastly Little Boy" by Emily Dorffer
Second place - "The Pawn Shop of Intangible Things" by Margery Bayne
Third place - "Somewhere In Between" by Nicholas Meriwether

First place - "Witch Ball" by Irette Y. Patterson
Second place - "A Day in the Life of the Man Who Murdered 100 Billion People" by J.D. Gordon
Third place - "Piledriver" by S. L. Carney

First place - "A Thousand Solomons" by Christopher Mark Rose
Second place - "Hunted" by T. Eric Bakutis
Third place - "To Each, A Place" by Michael B. Tager

First place - "Captain Verge in the 21st Century!" by David Vaughan
Second place - "Very Happy and Very Productive" by Sherri Woosley
Third place - "Progenitor" by Rob Ross

First place - "Creatures of the Holy Well" by Holliann R. Kim
Second place - "Default" by Rachel Kolar
Third place - "DIY" by Eric Guy

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