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January 1, 2010 thru December 31, 2010
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splotch2.gif Version 648 - 12/2/2010
  • /bsfscldr.htm   Updated Calendar Page.   --Dale
  •   Switched Ticker to Holiday Ticket.   --Dale
  • bsfsmemoriam.htm   Sadly added Richard Butler to bsfsmemoriam.htm   --Dale
splotch2.gif Version 648 - 11/1/2010
  • /bsfscldr.htm   Updated Calendar Page.   --Dale
  •   Switched Ticker to flying and flaming logo.   --Dale
splotch2.gif Version 647 - 9/11/2010 splotch2.gif Version 646 - 4/11/2010
  • /bsfsbod.htm   Updated BOD Page after election.   --Dale
  • index.html   Updated Book Review on page.   --Dale
  •   Updated Members only page.   --Dale
splotch2.gif Version 645 - 3/25/2010
  • /bsfsnews.htm   Updated News Page and altered layout slightly.   --Dale
  • bsfsrif.htm   Updated Charity Auction Page.   --Dale
  • index.html   Updated Charity Auction Page Entry.   --Dale
  •   Updated secure page for Balticon Committee only.   --Dale
splotch2.gif Version 644 - 3/17/2010
  • /bsfsnews.htm   Updated News Page.   --Dale
  •   Updated secure page for BSFS Voting Members with Crook Ballot   --Dale
splotch2.gif Version 643 - 2/25/2010
  • /bsfsfilmfest.htm   Updated Film Fest Page.   --Someone other than Dale
  •   Updated secure page for Balticon Committee only.   --Dale

splotch2.gif Version 642 - 1/20/2010
  • bsfslist.htm   Updated info list page.   --Dale
  •   Updated secure page members only info.   --Dale

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