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DATE: May 23-26, 2014
Hunt Valley Inn MD
Hunt Valley MD

Balticon 48 Program Book:
      Read the Balticon 48 Pocket Program A.K.A Schedule of Events Problem open main link? Then try inage only pdf here.

      Read the Balticon 48 Rocket Mail Friday Edition at Con Updates and News

      Read the Balticon 48 Rocket Mail Saturday Edition at Con Updates and News

      Read the Balticon 48 Rocket Mail Sunday Edition at Con Updates and News

      Read the Balticon 48 Rocket Mail Monday Edition at Con Updates and News

  • GoH: Brandon Sanderson
  • ART GoH: Halo Jankowski
  • Music GoH: Kenneth Anders
  • 2014 Compton Crook Award Winner: Charles E. Gannon
  • 2013 Compton Crook Award Winner: Myke Cole
  • 2014 Heinlein Award Winner: Geffrey A. Landis
  • Special Science Guest (Sunday Only):Vinton Cerf
  • Author Ghost of Honor: Robert Jordan
  • Fan Ghost of Honor: Marty Gear

  • Balticon 48 Committee & Staff:
    • Balticon 48 Chair: Kelly Shannon Pierce
    • Balticon Vice-Chair: Thomas “The Red” Horman
    • Balticon Treasurer: Shirley Avery
    • BSFS Amateur Writing Contest Coordinator: John Zaharick
    • BSFS Amateur Writing Contest Judges: Alexander Harris, Karlo Yeager, John Zaharick, Szu-Chien (Ben) Wang, Lesa Gould, Sarah Pinsker, Miriam Winder-Kelly, Dale Arnold
    • Anime Program & Anime Room Coordinator: Kathreja Sarfati
    • Anime Program Staff: Lee Benjamin Sarfati, John Landi, Tom Stidman, Christine Chase, Jason Gregory Banks
    • Art Program Coordinator: Helen “Halla” Fleischer
    • Assistant Art Program Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Art Program Tech Manager: Eric “Dr. Gandalf ” Fleischer
    • Art Show Villainess: Nora Echeverria
    • Art Show Auctioneer: Eric “Dr. Gandalf ” Fleischer
    • Art Show Chancellor: Martin Deutsch
    • Art Show Queen Emeritus: Shirley Avery
    • Artist Alley Coordinator: Tristan Alexander
    • Berserker Lair Moms: Molly Brown, Sue Bowen
    • BSFS Charity Auction Coordinator: Kelly Shannon Pierce
    • Assistant Charity Auction Coordinator: Jim Wilmering
    • Charity Auction Auctioneer: Eric “Dr Gandalf ” Fleischer
    • BSFAN Editor/Advertising: Patti Kinlock
    • BSFAN Assistant Editor: Laura Somerville
    • Children’s Program Coordinator: Eta Hack
    • Compton Crook Administration Committee: Jonette Butler, Donna Dearborn
    • Kamikaze Computer Services: Mark Schleifer, Craig Forbes, Jay Forbes, Dan Brashler, Megan Schleifer, Elspeth Dodge, Jay Clark, Jeff McOrmond
    • Con-Suite Coordinator: Leigh Eirich
    • Costuming Program Coordinator: Lisa Ashton
    • Dealers’ Room (Head Hucksters): Larry Sands, Kathy Kasprzak
    • Fan Program Coordinators: Jonette Butler, Szu-Chien (Ben) Wang
    • Fan Tables Coordinator: Jasen Stengel
    • Filk & Other Musical Mayhem Coordinator: “Gorgeous” Gary Ehrlich
    • Film Festival Director/Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Assistant Film Festival Coordinator: Lance Oszko
    • Filmmaking Program Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Hal Haag Memorial Game Room Coordinator: Donna Dearborn
    • Game Room Assistant: Eric “Hymie” Hymowitz
    • Gaming Program Coordinator: Michelle Hymowitz
    • RPG Gaming Coordinator: Mark E. Geary
    • Graphic Design (Badge & T-shirts): Nora Echeverria
    • Guest of Honor Liaison Coordinator: Adrienne Reynolds
    • Guest of Honor Liaisons: Joseph Ward, Anna Tamadong, Romeo Capriotti, Rodger Burns, Caitlin Reynolds, Alex Reynolds, Galia Godel, Gary Ehrlich
    • Hall Costume Awards Coordinator: Brian Butler
    • Hotel Liaison: Ann Marie Rudolph
    • Hotel Liaison Staff: Art Blumberg, Peter Eirich, Colette Fozard
    • Hotel Negotiator: Peter Eirich
    • Information Desk/Sales Table Coordinator: Patti Kinlock
    • Information Desk/Sales Table Staff: Kenn Breckenridge, Sharessa Elliott, Carol Reynolds
    • LARP Coordinators: Miriam “Emi” Steiner, Karen Miden
    • Literary Programming: Editors Danielle Ackley-McPhail
    • Literary Programming: Readers, Small Press Publishing, Writers: Patrick Scaffido, Jonette Butler
    • Loadmaster: Martin Deutsch
    • Logistics Coordinator: Brian Butler
    • Masquerade Coordinator: Renfield
    • Masquerade Green Room Coordinator: Cindy Shockey
    • Masquerade Caller: Larry Schroeder
    • Masquerade Setup: The dozens of others behind the scenes. With special thanks to Jim Housell and Persis Thorndike.
    • New Media Program Coordinator: Patrick Scaffido
    • New Media Program Assistants: Rob Stauffer, Bruce Lerner
    • Operations & Security Commander: Moria Trent
    • Operations & Security Lt. Commander: Erin Hudgins
    • Party Coordinator: Jasen Stengel
    • Pocket Program/Program Grid: Michael Rafferty, Anne-Marie Young, Gwen Fireman
    • Balticon Podcast Coordinator: Patrick Scaffido
    • Poetry Program Coordinator: Patti Kinlock
    • Poetry Workshop Co-Coordinators: Patti Kinlock, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Katie Hartlove
    • Poetry Contest Judges: Vonnie Winslow Crist, Katie Hartlove, Wendy Hellier Stevens
    • Program Coordinator: Michael Rafferty
    • Assistant Program Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Program Track Head Emeritus/Idea Generator: Jul Owings
    • Program Participants’ Green Room Coordinator: Perrianne Lurie
    • Press Relations Assistant: Alexandra A. Kelly
    • Promotional and Event DVDs: Eric “Dr. Gandalf ” Fleischer
    • Publications Coordinator: Patti Kinlock
    • Publicity & Public Relations: Steve Clark
    • Raffle Basket: Kathy Kasprzak
    • Registration Coordinator: Megan Allen-Kingsland
    • Assistant Registration Coordinators: Lee Anne Dinkin, Debbie Lee
    • Registration Computer Services: Mark Schleifer
    • Rocket Mail: Dale Arnold
    • Science Program Scheduling Coordinator: Miriam Winder-Kelly
    • Science Program Tech Coordinator: Paul Loeschke
    • Science Program Tech Staff: Paul Loeschke, Dale Arnold, Dana Carson, Bear Field, Mark Roth
    • Special Events Coordinators: Eric Gasior, Jonette Butler
    • Special Needs Coordinators: Paul O’Neil, Ellen Montgomery
    • Sponsorships Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Teen Program Coordinator: Eta Hack Technical Director: Eric Gasior
    • Assistant Technical Director: Samuel Kopel
    • Tech: Lighting Designer: Liana Olear
    • Tech: Program AV: Lia Olsborg
    • Tech: Sound Designer: Matthew Shogren
    • Tech: Video: Eric “Dr. Gandalf ” Fleischer and Jeff Poretsky
    • Balticon University Coordinator: Eta Hack
    • Video Room Coordinator: “Thomas the Red” Horman
    • Volunteer Coordinators: Brian Butler, Jonette Butler
    • Webmaster Team: Jonette Butler, Eric “Hymie” Hymowitz, Nora Echeverria
    • Jack L. Chalker Young Writers’ Contest Coordinators: Ben Rovik, Miriam Winder-Kelly
    • JLC Young Writers’ Contest Assistant: Michele Rosenberg
    • JLC Young Writers’ Contest Judges: Nancy Janda, Lee Dinkin, Ray Galacci, Sue Wheeler, “Thomas the Red” Horman, Zabeth Gallagher, Paul O’Neil, Perrianne Lurie, Ann Marie Rudolph, Marv Zelkowitz, Amy Kaplan, Beatrice Kondo, Renfield, Steve Wilson
    • Writers’ Workshop Coordinator: Steve Lubs

  • Balticon 48 Ancecdotes and stuff: If you have any information concerning this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to "webmeister at bsfs dot org" and look for it to be published here!!
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