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  DATES: Washington's Birthday Weekend, February 16-18, 1973

VENUE:Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, MD
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Lord Baltimore Hotel
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  • GoH: Poul Anderson
  • Memories From Mark Owings:
  • CHAIR: Ted Pauls "In 1973, Balticon tried the experiment of placing dealers on one floor in rooms leading out from the elevator and having them operate from their rooms. I think they all did well, but felt worn out -- you didn't want to close when people were there, and they were always there."

  • Balticon 7 Committee & Staff:
  • Vice-Chairmen: Brian Burley, Bary Newton
  • Program manager: Fred Lerner
  • Registration Secretary and Head Gopher: Karen J. Townley
  • Advisors: Jack Chalker, Mark Owings, Don Sobwick
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