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Author Name Title Format Publication Date of Copy Additional Notes
Aamodt Donald Troubling along the border PB 1991
Aaron Chester Out of Sight Out of Mind PB 1985
Aaron Shale Virtual death PB 1995
Abante Abraham Ten sci-fi shorts TP 2005
Abbey Lynn Beneath the web PB 1994
Abbey Lynn Black Flame PB 1980
Abbey Lynn Daughter of the Bright Moon PB 1980
Abbey Lynn Forge of Virtue PB 1991
Abbey Lynn Guardians PB 1982
Abbey Lynn Jerlayne PB 1999
Abbey Lynn Out of Time PB 2000
Abbey Lynn Sanctuary PB 2003 An Epic Novel of Thieves' World
Abbey Lynn Temper of wisdom PB 1992
Abbey Lynn Unicorn & dragon PB 1988
Abbey Lynn Wooden Sword PB 1991
Abbott Edwin A. Flatland PB 1984
Abe Kobe Inter Ice Age 4 HB 1970
Abnett Dan and Mike Lee Chronicles of malus darkblade v. 1 TP 2008 Warhammer anthology
Abnett Dan and Mike Lee Chronicles of malus darkblade v. 2 TP 2009 Warhammer anthology
Ackley-McPhail Yesterday's Dreams PB 2001
Acres Mark Heinlein's Starship Troopers: Shines the Name PB 1987
Adair Gilbert Alice Through the Needle's Eye PB 1988 Further adventures of Lewis Carroll's Alice...
Adams Cat Magic's Design PB 2009
Adams Douglas Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency HB 1987
Adams Douglas Hitchhiker's Quartet HB 1986
Adams Douglas Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy HB 1981
Adams Douglas Life The Universe and Everything HB 1983
Adams Douglas Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul HB 1988
Adams Douglas Mostly Harmless HB 1992 5th book of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy
Adams Douglas Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts TP 1985
Adams Douglas Resturant at the End of the Universe HB 1980
Adams Douglas So Long and Thanks for All the Fish HB 1983
Adams Richard Maia PB 1986
Adams Richard Shardik HB 1974
Adams Richard Unbroken Web PB 1982
Adams Richard Watership Down PB 1975
Adams Robert Alternatives PB 1989
Adams Robert Castaways in time PB 1979
Adams Robert Cat of Silvery Hue PB 1979
Adams Robert Champion of the last battle PB 1983
Adams Robert Coming of the Horseclans Pb 1975
Adams Robert Madman's Army PB 1987 Horseclans # 17
Adams Robert Of Myths and Monsters PB 1988
Adams Robert Of Quests and Kings PB 1986 Castaways of Time #3
Adams Robert Patrimony PB 1980
Adams Robert Revenge of the Horseclans PB 1977
Adams Robert Savage Mountains PB 1979
Adams Robert Stairway to Forever PB 1988
Adams Robert Swords of the Horseclans PB 1976
Adams Robert Woman of the Horseclans PB 1983
Adams Robert ed. Book of Soldiers PB 1988
Adams Terry A. Master of chaos PB 1989
Addison Joseph Tesseract PB 1988
Adler Allen Terror on planet ionus PB 1966 Mach 1
Adler Bill Kid's Letters to Harry Potter HB 2001
Adrian Lara Kiss of midnight HB 2007 Midnight breed series book one
Aesop (NFN) Aesop's Fables Illustrated by Richard Bernal HB 1991
Agins Phyllis Carol Suisan
Aguirre Ann Grimsspace PB 2008
Ahern Jerry Killing Wedge PB 1988 Defender # 2
Ahern Jerry Survivalist: Mid-Wake PB 1988
Ahern Jerry & Sharon Golden Shield of the IBF PB 1999
Aickman Robert Cold Hand in Mine PB 1979
Aiken Brad Starscape Project TP 2004
Aiken Brad Starscape The Silver Bullet PB 2000
Aikin Jim The Wall at the Edge of the World
Aikin Jim Walk the Moons Road PB 1985
Akahari Satoru Sorcerer HUnters pb 1995 Volume 5
Akahari Satoru Sorcerer Hunters pb 1994 VOlume 4
Akahori Satoru Sorcerer Hunters PB 1996 Vloume 7
Akers Alan Burt Armada of Antares PB 1976
Akers Alan Burt Omens of Kregen PB 1985 Dray Prescot: 36
Akers Alan Burt Secret Scorpio PB 1977 Dray Prescot:15
Akers Alan Burt Suns of Scorpio PB 1973
Akers Alan Burt Swordships of Scorpio PB 1973
Akers Alan Burt Transit to Scorpio PB 1972 Dray Prescot:1
Aki Katsu Psychic Academy PB 2005 Volume 10
Akimoto Nami Ultra Cute PB 2000 Volume 2
Akimoto Nami Ultra Cute PB 2006 Volume 4
Al-Guire Judith Zeta Base TP 1991
Alama Pauline J. Eye of Night PB 2002
Alan Robert This way madness comes PB 2009
Albright Molly Meet Miss Dracula PB 1988
Alcorn Lloyd St. Halberd dream warrior PB 1987
Aldiss Brian Book of PB 1972
Aldiss Brian Dark light years PB 1964
Aldiss Brian Equator and segregation PB 1973
Aldiss Brian Evil earths PB 1979
Aldiss Brian Galaxies like grains of sand PB 1960
Aldiss Brian Greybeard PB 1965
Aldiss Brian New Arrivals Old Encouters HB 1979
Aldiss Brian & Harrison Harry ed. Nebula Award Stories #2 PB 1968
Aldiss Brian W. An Island Called Moreau HB 1981
Aldiss Brian W. Barefoot in the Head PB 1972
Aldiss Brian W. Billion Year Spree HB 1973
Aldiss Brian W. Cryptozoic! HB 1967
Aldiss Brian W. Earthworks HB 1965
Aldiss Brian W. Galaxies like grains of san PB 1960
Aldiss Brian W. Helliconia Summer PB 1983
Aldiss Brian W. Helliconia Winter PB 1985
Aldiss Brian W. Last Orders HB 1989
Aldiss Brian W. Long Afternoon of Earth HB 1961
Aldiss Brian W. Man in his Time HB 1989 The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W. Aldiss
Aldiss Brian W. Neanderthal Planet HB 1969
Aldiss Brian W. Romance of the Equator HB 1990 The Best Fantasy Stories of Brian W. Aldiss
Aldiss Brian W. Starship PB 1969
Aldiss Brian W. Starswarm PB 1985
Aldiss Brian W. The Malacia Tapestry
Aldiss Brian W. Who Can Replace a Man? HB 1966
Aldiss Brian W. ed. Galactic Empires v. 1 HB 1976
Aldiss Brian W. ed. Galactic Empires v. 2 HB 1976
Aldrin Buzz & Barnes John Encounter with Tiber PB 1996
Alexander David M. Fane PB 1981
Alexander Gary Kiet and the Golden Peacock
Alexander Karl Time after time PB 1979
Alexander Lloyd Black Cauldron PB 1965
Alexander Lloyd Book of Three PB 1964
Alexander Lloyd Castle of Llyr PB 1966
Alexander Lloyd Kestrel HB 1983
Alexander Lloyd Taran Wanderer PB 1967
Alexander Lloyd The High King
Alexander Lloyd Westmark PB 1981
Allen Dick ed. Science Fiction: The Future TP 1971
Allen Gary Heather thane PB 2002 Book one of the lathroug saga
Allen Justin Slaves of the shinar HB 2007
Allen Roger MacBride Ambush at Corellia: Star Wars PB 1995
Allen Roger MacBride Farside cannon PB 1988
Allen Roger MacBride Inferno: Asimov's Robots Series HB 1994
Allen Roger MacBride Isaac Asimov's: Caliban HB 1993
Allen Roger MacBride Isaac Asimov's: Inferno HB 1994
Allen Roger MacBride Orphan of Creation PB 1988
Allen Roger MacBride Ring of charon PB 1990
Allen Roger MacBride Shattered sphere PB 1994
Allen Roger MacBride Torch of Honor PB 1986
Allmen Stewart Von Saint Vitus Dances Eternity HB 1996 Translated with english and Bosnian text side by side
Allston Aaron Sidhe Devil PB 2001
Allston Aaron Star wars: legacy of the force: fury PB 2007
Allston Aaron Star wars: starfighters of adumar PB 1999 X-wing
Allston Aaron SW: Legacy of the Force HB 2006
Alten Steve Meg
Alton Andrea I. Demon of Undoing PB 1988
Altov Genrikh and Valentina Zhuravlyova Ballad of the Stars HB 1982
Amakawa Sumiko Cross pb 2001 Volume 5
Amano Akira Reborn PB 2004 Volume 1
Ambrose David Man who turned into himself HB 1993
Amis Kingsley and Robert Conquest ed. Spectrum PB 1961
Amis Kingsley and Robert Conquest ed. Spectrum 4 PB 1965
Amis Kingsley and Robert Conquest ed. Spectrum 5 PB 1966
Amis Kingsley and Robert Conquest ed. Spectrum II PB 1964
Anazai Nobuyuki MAR PB 2006 Volume 9
Anderson C. L. Bitter angels PB 2009
Anderson Chester and Kurland Michael Ten Years to Doomsday PB 1977
Anderson Christopher Alexander of Terra TP 2000
Anderson Dennis Lee Arthur king PB 1995
Anderson Elliot & Brent Jonathan ed. TriQuarterly 49 Fall 1990 TP 1980
Anderson K. J. Captain Nemo HB 2002
Anderson Kevin J. Captain Nemo HB 2002
Anderson Kevin J. Climbing Olympus
Anderson Kevin J. Forest of stars HB 2003 Saga of seven suns book 2
Anderson Kevin J. Game's End PB 1990
Anderson Kevin J. gamearth PB 1989
Anderson Kevin J. Gameplay PB 1989
Anderson Kevin J. Ground Zero (X-Files) PB 1996
Anderson Kevin J. Ruins (X-Files) PB 1997
Anderson Kevin J. Star Wars: Champions of the Force PB 1994
Anderson Kevin J. Star Wars: Darksaber HB 1995
Anderson Kevin J. X-Files: Ground Zero HB 1995
Anderson Kevin J. and Doug Beason Assemblers of infinity PB 1995
Anderson Kevin J. and Doug Beason Virtual Destruction PB 1996
Anderson Kevin J. and Steven Savile Tau ceti TP 2012
Anderson Kevin J. ed. Blood lite PB 2008
Anderson Kevin J. ed. Starwars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters PB 1996
Anderson Louis A Wild Ride PB 1994
Anderson Poul 7 Conquests: Seven Tales of SF Adventure HB 1969
Anderson Poul Agent of the Terran Empire PB 1980
Anderson Poul Avatar Hb 1978
Anderson Poul Beyond the Beyond PB 1969
Anderson Poul Boat of a million years PB 1991
Anderson Poul Broken Sword PB 1988
Anderson Poul Byworlder PB 1971
Anderson Poul Circus of Hells PB 1970
Anderson Poul Conan the rebel PB 1980
Anderson Poul Conflict PB 1983
Anderson Poul Corridors of Time HB 1965
Anderson Poul Dancers from Atlantis HB 1971
Anderson Poul Day of Their Return HB 1973
Anderson Poul Devil's Game PB 1980
Anderson Poul Earth Book of Stormgate PB 1978
Anderson Poul Enemy Stars HB 1958
Anderson Poul Fantasy PB 1981
Anderson Poul Fire Time HB 1974
Anderson Poul Game of Empire HB 1985
Anderson Poul Genesis HB 2000
Anderson Poul Harvest of stars PB 1993
Anderson Poul High crusade PB 1964
Anderson Poul Homeward and Beyond PB 1976
Anderson Poul Hrolf kraki's saga PB 1973
Anderson Poul Let the spacemen beware PB 1963 Wizard of starship poseidon Kenneth Bulmer Ace F-209
Anderson Poul Light in the Void PB 1991
Anderson Poul Maurai & Kith PB 1982
Anderson Poul Merman's children PB 1980
Anderson Poul Midsummer Tempest PB 1984
Anderson Poul Mirkheim HB 1977
Anderson Poul New America PB 1983
Anderson Poul Operation Chaos PB 1992
Anderson Poul Orbit unlimited PB 1961
Anderson Poul Orion Shall Rise PB 1984
Anderson Poul Past Times PB 1984
Anderson Poul People of the Wind The Day of Their Return PB 1982
Anderson Poul Question and Answer
Anderson Poul Rebel Worlds PB 1969
Anderson Poul Satan's World PB 1977
Anderson Poul Shield PB 1963
Anderson Poul Shield of Time HB 1990
Anderson Poul Space Folk PB 1989
Anderson Poul Star Fox HB 1965
Anderson Poul Star Ways PB 1956
Anderson Poul Stone in Heaven PB 1979
Anderson Poul Strangers from Earth PB 1961
Anderson Poul Tales of the Flying Mountains
Anderson Poul Tau Zero PB 1970
Anderson Poul There Will be Time HB 1972
Anderson Poul Three Hearts and Three Lions HB 1961
Anderson Poul Three Worlds to Conquer
Anderson Poul Time and stars HB 1964
Anderson Poul Time patrol HB 1991
Anderson Poul Trader to the stars HB 1964
Anderson Poul Trouble Twisters PB 1966
Anderson Poul Un-man and other novellas PB 1962 Ace double F-139 with Makeshift rocket
Anderson Poul Vault of the Ages
Anderson Poul We claim these stars PB 1959
Anderson Poul Winter of the World HB 1975
Anderson Poul World Named Cleopatra A
Anderson Poul Worlds of PB 1974
Anderson Poul & Gordon R. Dickson Earthman's Burden PB 1957
Anderson Poul & Karen King of Ys: Gallicenae PB 1987
Anderson Poul & Karen King of Ys: Roma Mater PB 1986
Anderson Poul & Karen Night Fantastic PB 1991
Anderson Poul & Karen The King of YS: The Dog and the Wolf PB 1988
Anderson Poul and Gordon Dickson and Robert Silverberg Day the Earth Stood Still KHB 1972
Anderson Poul and Gordon R. Dickson Hoka PB 1984
Anderson Poul and Gordon R. Dickson Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! PB 1998
Anderson Poul ed Nebula award stories four PB 1971
Anderson Poul with Gordon Dickson Earthman's Burden
Anderson Poul with Gordon Dickson Star Prince Charlie
Anderson Poul with Karen Anderson Dahut PB 1988 King of Ys: Book III
Anderson Poul with Karen Anderson Night Fantastic The
Anderson Poul with Mildred Downey Broxon A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows HB 1974
Anderson Poul with Mildred Downey Broxon Demon of Scattery The PB
Anderson Susan Janice and Vonda N. McIntyre ed. Aurora: beyond equality PB 1976
Anderson Taylor Destroyermen: into the storm HB 2008
Andreissen David Star Seed TP 1982
Andrews Donna Click here for wonder PB 2004
Andrews Ilona On the edge PB 2009
Andrews Keith William Freedom's Rangers PB 1989
Angeles Ly de Quickening PB 2005
Anghelides Peter Doctor Who Kursaal PB 1998
Angles Ly de Quckening PB 2005
Aniolowski Scott David Return to Lovecraft Country TP 1997 Fifteen Frightening Forays into the Lovecraftian Landscape
Anthony Mark and Ellen Porath Kindred Spirits PB 1991 The Meetings Sextet: Volume 1
Anthony Patricia Brother Termite HB 1993
Anthony Patricia Cold Allies HB 1993
Anthony Patricia Conscience of the beagle PB 1993
Anthony Patricia Cradle of Splendor PB 1997
Anthony Piers PB 1977
Anthony Piers Alien Plot PB 1992
Anthony Piers And eternity HB 1990
Anthony Piers Anthonology HB 1985
Anthony Piers Battle Circle Trilogy PB 1978 Trilogy consisting of Sos the Rope Var the Stick & Neq the Sword
Anthony Piers Bearing an hourglass HB 1984 Book two of incarnations of immortality
Anthony Piers Being a Green Mother HB 1987 Book five of incarnations of immortality
Anthony Piers Bio Of a Space Tyrant: #1 Refugee PB 1983
Anthony Piers Bio Of a Space Tyrant: #2 Mercenary PB 1984
Anthony Piers Bio Of a Space Tyrant: #3 Politician PB 1985
Anthony Piers Bio Of a Space Tyrant:#4 Executive PB 1985
Anthony Piers Bio Of a Space Tyrant:#5 Statesman PB 1986
Anthony Piers Bio-of-an-Ogre HB 1988 Anthony's auto-biography
Anthony Piers Blue Adept PB 1982
Anthony Piers But What of Earth PB 1989
Anthony Piers Castle Roogna PB 1979
Anthony Piers Centaur Aisle PB 1982
Anthony Piers Chaining the Lady PB 1978" Volume 2 of Cluster Trilogy
Anthony Piers Chaos Mode HB 1993
Anthony Piers Chthon PB 1982
Anthony Piers Cluster PB 1977 Volume 1 of Cluster Trilogy
Anthony Piers Color of her Panties PB 1992
Anthony Piers Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn HB 1984 Xanth
Anthony Piers Cube route HB 2003
Anthony Piers Currant events HB 2004
Anthony Piers Dastard HB 2000
Anthony Piers Demons Don't Dream HB 1993
Anthony Piers Dooon Mode HB 2001
Anthony Piers Dragon on a Pedestal PB 1983 Xanth Series
Anthony Piers Faun & games HB 1997
Anthony Piers For Love of Evil HB 1988
Anthony Piers Fractal Mode HB 1992 Book Two of the Mode Series
Anthony Piers Geis of the Gargoyle HB 1995
Anthony Piers Ghost HB 1986
Anthony Piers Golem in the Gears PB 1986
Anthony Piers Hard Sell HB 1990
Anthony Piers Harpy Thyme HB 1994
Anthony Piers Hasan PB 1986
Anthony Piers Heaven Cent PB 1988
Anthony Piers Hope of earth PB 1997
Anthony Piers Isle of View PB 1990
Anthony Piers Isle of Woman PB 1993
Anthony Piers Juxtaposition HB 1982 Apprentice Adept Book 3
Anthony Piers Key to chromia TP 2003 Book two of the chromagic series
Anthony Piers Key to destiny TP 2004 Book three of the chromagic series
Anthony Piers Key to havoc TP 2003 Book one of the new chromagic series
Anthony Piers Kilobyte HB 1993
Anthony Piers Kirlian Quest PB 1978 Volume 3 of Cluster Trilogy
Anthony Piers Letters to Jenny HB 1993
Anthony Piers Macroscope PB 1969
Anthony Piers Magic of Xanth First three Xanth Novels HB 1979
Anthony Piers Man from Mundania PB 1989
Anthony Piers Mercycle PB 1992
Anthony Piers Muse of art PB 1999
Anthony Piers Mute PB 1981
Anthony Piers Night Mare PB 1982
Anthony Piers Ogre Ogre PB 1983
Anthony Piers Omnivore HB 1968
Anthony Piers On a pale horse HB 1983 Book one of incarnations of immortality
Anthony Piers Orn PB 1971
Anthony Piers Out of Phaze HB 1988
Anthony Piers OX HB 1976
Anthony Piers Pet peeve HB 2005
Anthony Piers Phaze Doubt HB 1990
Anthony Piers Phthor PB 1975
Anthony Piers Prosthe Plus PB 1986
Anthony Piers Question Quest PB 1991
Anthony Piers Race Against Time PB 1985
Anthony Piers Rings of Ice PB 1974
Anthony Piers Robot Adept HB 1988
Anthony Piers Roc and a hard place HB 1995
Anthony Piers Shade of the Tree HB 1986
Anthony Piers Shame of Man PB 1994 Geodysey v. 2
Anthony Piers Source of magic PB 1979
Anthony Piers Spell for chameleon PB 1977
Anthony Piers Split infinity PB 1980 Book one: the apprentice adept
Anthony Piers Steppe HB 1985
Anthony Piers Stork Naked HB 2006
Anthony Piers Swell foop HB 2001
Anthony Piers Tarot: All three Tarot Novels TP 1987 Faith Vision and God of Tarot
Anthony Piers Tatham Mound PB 1992
Anthony Piers Thousand Star PB 1980
Anthony Piers Unicorn Point HB 1989 Apprentice Adept #6
Anthony Piers Up in a heaval HB 2002
Anthony Piers Vale of the Vole PB 1987
Anthony Piers Virtual Mode HB 1991 Book One of the Mode Series
Anthony Piers Viscous Circle PB 1982 Cluster Series
Anthony Piers Wielding a Red Sword HB 1986
Anthony Piers With a Tangled Skein HB 1985 Book three of the incarnations of immortality
Anthony Piers Xone of contention HB 1999
Anthony Piers Yon ill wind HB 1996
Anthony Piers Zombie lover HB 1998
Anthony Piers James Richey and Alan Riggs Quest for the fallen star HB 1998
Anthony Piers and Alfred Tella Willing spirit HB 1996
Anthony Piers and Clifford A. Pickover Spider legs HB 1998
Anthony Piers and Jo Anne Taeusch Secret of spring HB 2008
Anthony Piers and Julie Brady Dream a little dream HB 1999
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff Dragon's Gold TP 2005
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff E.s.p. worm PB 1986
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff Mouvar's Magic PB 1992
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff Orc's Opal PB 1990
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff Ring PB 1986
Anthony Piers and Robert E. Margroff Serpent's Silver HB 1988
Anthony Piers and Roberto Fuentes Dead Morn HB 1990
Anthony Piers and Ron leming Gutbucket quest HB 2000
Anthony Piers ed. Uncollected Stars PB 1986
Anthony Piers with Frances Hall Pretender PB 1985
Anvil Christopher Pandora's planet PB 1972
Anvil Christopher Rx For Chaos TB 2008
Anvil Christopher Strangers in paradise PB 1969
Anzai Nobuyuki MAR PB 2003 Volume 4
Anzai Nobuyuki MAR PB 2003 Volume 5
Anzetti Toni Riders of leviathan PB 2001
Anzetti Toni Typhon's Children PB
Aoyama Gosho Case Closed PB 2006 Volume 13
Appel Allen Time after Time HB 1985
Appleby Ken Voices of Cepheus PB 1989
Applegate K.A. Everworld: Enter the Enchanted PB 1999
Applegate K.A. Everworld: Gateway to the Gods PB 2000
Appleton Victor Alien Probe PB 1981 Tom Swift; 3
Appleton Victor Tom Swift Ark Two PB 1982
Appleton Victor Tom Swift City in the Stars PB 1998
Appleton Victor Tom Swift Gateway to Doom PB 1983
Appleton Victor Tom Swift Terror on the Moons of Jupiter PB 1981
Appleton Victor War in Outer Space PB [nd] Tom Swift
Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and His Flying Lab HB 1954
Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and His Giant Robot PB 1954
Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and His Jetmarine HB 1954
Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and his Polar-Ray Dynaspere HB 1965
Appleton Victor II Tom Swift and the Captive Planetoid HB 1967
Arakawa Hiromu Fullmetal Alchemist PB 2005 Volume 5
Arakawa Hiromu Fullmetal Alchemist PB 2006 VOlume 6
Archer Nathan Martian deathtrap HB 1996 Mars attacks
Arima Keitaro Moon Phase PB 2000 Volume 1
Ariosto Ludovico Orlando Furioso: Ring of Angelica PB 1973 English Translation of 1400 text
Arnason Eleanor A Woman of the Iron People HB 1991
Arnason Eleanor Daughter of the Bear King PB 1987
Arnason Eleanor To the Resurrection Station PB 1986
Arnold Edwin L. Gulliver of Mars PB [1963]
Arthur Elizabeth Binding Spell HB 1988
Asaro Catharine Alpha Hb 2006
Asaro Catharine Dawn star TP 2006
Asaro Catharine Final key PB 2005 Part two of triad
Asaro Catharine Phoenix code PB 2000
Asaro Catharine Primary Inversion HB 1995
Asaro Catharine Ruby dice HB 2008
Asaro Catharine Schism HB 2004 Part one of triad
Asaro Catharine The Radiant Seas HB 1999
Asaro Catharine Veiled web PB 1999
Ash Brian Visual encyclopedia of science fiction PB 1977
Ash Brian Who's Who in Science Fiction PB 1976
Ash Constance Horse Girl PB 1988
Ash Constance Stalking horse PB 1990
Ash Sarah Lord of snow and shadows HB 2003 Book one of the tears of artamon
Asherman Allan Star Trek interview book PB 1988
Ashley Mike Camelot Chronicles TP
Ashley Mike Comic Fantasy II PB 1999 Anthology
Ashwell Pauline Unwillingly to Earth
Asimov Isaac Adding a dimension PB 1969
Asimov Isaac Asimov's choice: astronaunts & androids PB 1977
Asimov Isaac Asimov's mysteries HB 1968
Asimov Isaac Azazel PB 1988
Asimov Isaac Before the golden age PB 1974
Asimov Isaac Before the golden age book 2 PB 1974
Asimov Isaac Before the golden age book 3 PB 1974
Asimov Isaac Best of Isaac Asimov PB 1973
Asimov Isaac Bicentennial man PB 1976
Asimov Isaac Buy jupiter PB 1975
Asimov Isaac Casebook of the Black Widowewrs PB 1980
Asimov Isaac Caves of Steel The and the naked sun HB 1957 The robot novels
Asimov Isaac Change! Seventy-One Glimpses of the Future PB 1981 Uncorrected page proof
Asimov Isaac Chemicals of life PB 1954
Asimov Isaac Complete stories v. 1 HB 1990
Asimov Isaac Counting the Eons PB 1983
Asimov Isaac Curents of Space HB 1952
Asimov Isaac David starr space ranger PB 1952 Lucky starr
Asimov Isaac Early Asimov HB 1972
Asimov Isaac Earth is Room Enough HB 1957
Asimov Isaac Earth our Crowded Spaceship PB 1974
Asimov Isaac Edge of tomorrow PB 1985
Asimov Isaac Eight stories from the rest of the robots PB 1964
Asimov Isaac End of eternity PB 1955
Asimov Isaac Eyes on the Universe History of the Telescope HB 1975
Asimov Isaac Fact and Fantasy PB 1963
Asimov Isaac Fantastic Voyage HB 1966
Asimov Isaac Fantastic Voyage II Destination Brain HB 1987
Asimov Isaac Far ends of time and earth HB 1979 Pebble in the sky end of eternity earth is room enough
Asimov Isaac Foundation and Earth HB 1986
Asimov Isaac Foundation trilogy HB 1982
Asimov Isaac Foundation's Edge HB 1982
Asimov Isaac Gods Themselves HB 1972
Asimov Isaac Gold PB 1996
Asimov Isaac Human Body PB 1963
Asimov Isaac I Robot PB 1970
Asimov Isaac I. Asimov PB 1995
Asimov Isaac Lucky starr and the big sun mercury PB 1956
Asimov Isaac Lucky starr and the moons of jupiter PB 1957
Asimov Isaac Lucky starr and the oceans of venus PB 1954
Asimov Isaac Lucky starr and the pirates of the asteroids PB 1953
Asimov Isaac Martian way PB 1952
Asimov Isaac More soviet science fiction PB 1962
Asimov Isaac Murder at the aba PB 1976
Asimov Isaac Naked sun PB 1972
Asimov Isaac Nemesis HB 1989
Asimov Isaac Nightfall and Other Stories HB 1969
Asimov Isaac Nine tomorrows PB 1959
Asimov Isaac Of matters great and small PB 1975
Asimov Isaac Of Time and Space and Other Things (nf)
Asimov Isaac OPUS 100 HB 1969
Asimov Isaac OPUS 200 HB 1979
Asimov Isaac Pebble in the sky PB 1971
Asimov Isaac Planet that wasn't PB 1976
Asimov Isaac Prelude to Foundation HB 1991
Asimov Isaac Quasar Quasar Burning Bright HB 1978
Asimov Isaac Realm of algebra PB 1961
Asimov Isaac Realm of measure PB 1960
Asimov Isaac Rest of the Robots HB 1964
Asimov Isaac Robot Dreams PB 1986
Asimov Isaac Robots and Empire HB 1985
Asimov Isaac Robots of Dawn PB 1983
Asimov Isaac Science Numbers and I PB 1976
Asimov Isaac Stars Like Dust HB 1972
Asimov Isaac Today and tomorrow and ... PB 1983
Asimov Isaac Twentieth Century Discovery PB 1969
Asimov Isaac Ugly Little Boy PB 1989 Tor Double no. 9
Asimov Isaac Universe from Flat Earth to Quasar PB 1968
Asimov Isaac View from a Height
Asimov Isaac Wellsprings of life PB 1960
Asimov Isaac Whiff of death PB 1969
Asimov Isaac Winds of change and other stories HB 1983
Asimov Isaac Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy PB 1972 Science Fact Book by US Government
Asimov Isaac Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Wwaugh ed. Cosmic knights PB 1984 Isaac Asimov's magical worlds of fantasy #3
Asimov Isaac Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Wwaugh ed. Witches & Wizards HB 1984 Isaac Asimov's magical worlds of fantasy #1 & 2
Asimov Isaac Terry Carr and Martin H. Greenberg 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories PB 1985
Asimov Isaac and Alice Laurance Speculations 17 HB 1982
Asimov Isaac and Groff Conklin ed. Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales PB 1963
Asimov Isaac and Janet Asimov Norby's Other Secret HB 1984
Asimov Isaac and Martin H. Greenberg and Charles Waugh 7 Cardinal Virtues of Science Fiction PB 1981
Asimov Isaac and Martin H. Greenberg and Charles Waugh Last man on earth PB 1982
Asimov Isaac and Martin H. Greenberg and Charles Waugh Space Mail Vol 2 PB 1982
Asimov Isaac and Robert Silverberg Nightfall PB 1991
Asimov Isaac and Robert Silverberg Positronic man PB 1993
Asimov Isaac and Robert Silverberg Ugly little boy PB 1992
Asimov Isaac as Paul French David Starr-Space Ranger PB 1978
Asimov Isaac ed. Before the Golden Age Book 3 PB 1975
Asimov Isaac ed. Hugo Winners v. 4 HB 1985
Asimov Isaac ed. More stories from the hugo winners vol. ii PB 1973
Asimov Isaac ed. New hugo winners volumm ii PB 1991
Asimov Isaac editor Four Futures HB 1971
Asimov Isaac editor Hugo Winners v. 3 HB 1977
Asimov Isaac editor Hugo Winners: Volumes I, II HB 1962
Asimov Isaac editor More Stories from the Hugo Winners VII PB 1973
Asimov Isaac editor Tin Stars PB
Asimov Isaac et al Microcosmic tales PB 1980
Asimov Isaac et al Seven cardinal virtues of science fiction PB 1981
Asimov Isaac et al Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction HB 1980
Asimov Isaac et al eds. Robots PB 1989 Isaac Asimov's wonderful worlds of science fiction
Asimov Isaac eta al eds. 100 great science fiction short short stories PB 1980
Asimov Janet Mind Transfer PB 1989
Asimov Janet & Isaac Norby chronicles PB 1986
Asimov Janet & Isaac Norby: Robot for Hire PB 1987
Asprin Robert Bug Wars PB 1993
Asprin Robert Cold Cash War HB 1977
Asprin Robert Dragon's luck TP 2009
Asprin Robert E.godz HB 2003
Asprin Robert Hit or myth TP 1985
Asprin Robert Little Myth Marker TP 1987
Asprin Robert M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action PB 1991
Asprin Robert M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link TP 1988
Asprin Robert Myth adventures HB 1983 Another fine myth myth conceptions myth directions hit or myth
Asprin Robert Myth-ing Persons TP 1986
Asprin Robert Myth-ion improbable PB 2002
Asprin Robert Mythnomers and impervections TP 1988
Asprin Robert Phule's Company PB 1990
Asprin Robert Somehtin m.y.t.h inc. PB 2002
Asprin Robert Sweet Myth-tery of Life TP 1994
Asprin Robert & Nye Jody Lynn Myth-Gotten Gains PB 2008
Asprin Robert and Eric Del Carlo Resurrection PB 2005
Asprin Robert and Esther Friesner E. godz PB 2005
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda House That Jack Built PB 2001
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda Ripping Time PB 2000
Asprin Robert and Heck Peter J. No Phule Like an Old Phule PB 2004
Asprin Robert and Heck Peter J. Phule and His Money PB 1999
Asprin Robert and Heck Peter J. Phule Me Twice PB 2000
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye Class Dis-Mythed TP 2005
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye License Invoked PB 2001
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye Myth alliances PB 2004
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye Myth-chief PB 2008
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye Myth-Taken Identity TP 2004
Asprin Robert and Jody Lynn Nye Myth-told tales PB 2007
Asprin Robert and Linda Evans For king and country PB 2002
Asprin Robert ed. Sanctuary Thieves' World three collections see alt HB 1981 Thieves World Tales Vulgur Unicorn Shadows of Sanctuary
Asprin Robert Lynn Phule's Paradise PB 1992
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Dead of Winter PB 1985 Thieves' World book 7
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Face of chaos PB 1983 Thieves' world
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Shattered sphere HB 1986 Dead of winter soul of the city blood ties
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Soul of the City PB 1986 Thieves World Book 8
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Thieves World: Aftermath PB 1987 Thieves World Book 10
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Thieves World: Cross-Currents. 3 antholgies combined HB 1983 TW Collections: Storm Season Face of Chaos Wings of Omen
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Thieves World: Uneasy Alliances PB 1988 Thieves World Book 11
Asprin Robert Lynn & Lynn Abbey ed. Wings of omen PB 1984 Thieves world 6
Asprin Robert Lynn ed. Shadows of sanctuary PB 1981
Asprin Robert Lynn ed. Storm season #4 PB 1982
Asprin Robert Lynn ed. Tales from the vulgar unicorn PB 1980
Asprin Robert with Peter J. Heck Phule and His Money PB 1999
Asprin Robert with Peter J. Heck Phule Me Twice PB 2000
Asquith Cynthia (ed.) The Second Ghost Book PB 1970
Asquith Cynthia (ed) The Third Ghost Book
Atack Chris Project Maldon PB 1997
Athans Philip Baldur's gate PB 1999 Forgotten realms
Athans Philip Baldur's gate II shadows of amin PB 2000
Attanasio A. A. Dragon and the Unicorn PB 2001
Attanasio A. A. In Other Worlds PB 1986
Attanasio A. A. Last legends of earth PB 1990
Attanasio A. A. Radix PB 1985
Atwood Margaret Handmaid's tale PB 1986
Audley Anselm Heresy HB 2001
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Baen Jim Frost
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Baird Wilhemina Crash Course
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Ball Margaret Shadow Gate PB 1996
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Bann Joshua Timeshare 1997
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Barasui Strawberry marshmallow PB 2006
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Barker Clive Books of Blood v. 3 PB 1986
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Barnes Steven Streetlethal PB 1983
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Barnes John Kaleidoscope Century HB 1995
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Barnes John Princess of the aerie PB 2003
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Barnwell William Imram PB 1981 Volume II of the Blessing Trilogy
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Barrett Neal Jr. Aldair in Albion PB 1976
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Barrett Neal Jr. Kelwin PB 1970
Barrett Neal Jr. Prophecy machine PB 2000
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Barron T.A Ancient one PB 1994
Barron T.A Merlin Effect PB 1996
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Barton William Plague of All Cowards
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Battis Jes Night Child PB 2008
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Bear Greg Forge of God HB 1987
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Bear Greg Vitals PB 2002
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Bell Douglas Mojo and the Pickle Jar
Bell Hilari Navohar PB 2000
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Benford Greg In the Ocean of Night HB 1977
Benford Greg Jupiter Project
Benford Greg with Gordon Eklund If the Stars are Gods PB 1989
Benford Gregory Across the Sea of Suns HB 1984
Benford Gregory Against Infinity HB 1983
Benford Gregory Artifact PB 1985
Benford Gregory Eater HB 2000
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Besaw Victor The Alien
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Biggle Lloyd Jr. World Menders
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Birmingham John Weapons of Choice TP 2004
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Bischoff David Destiny Dice
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Bishop Michael Secret ascension PB
Bishop Michael Shuttle People PB 1983
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Bishop Michael Unicorn Mountain PB 1988
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Blatty William Peter Twinkle Twinkle 'Killer' Kane
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Blish James Jack of Eagles
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Bloch Robert Night World
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Bok Hannes Sorcer's Ship
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Bolton Johanna M. Mission: Tori PB 1990
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Bonanno Margaret Wander Otherwhere HB 1991
Bonanno Margaret Wander Probe HB 1992 Star Trek
Bonanno Margaret Wander Strangers from the sky PB 1987 Star Trek
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Bova Ben Voyagers II: The Alien Within HB 1986
Bova Ben Voyagers III: Starbrothers HB 1990
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Boyer Elizabeth H. Lord of Chaos The
Boyer Elizabeth H. Sword and the Satchel Pb 1980
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Boyer Elizabeth H. Troll's Grindstone PB 1986
Boyer Elizabeth H. Wizard and the Warlord PB 1983
Boyett Steven R. Ariel: a book of the change PB 1983
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Brackett Leigh The Starmen of Llyrdis PB 1976
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Bradbury Ray Machineries of Joy HB 1964
Bradbury Ray Martian Chronicles HB 1958
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Bradbury Ray Martian Chronicles VI 1987
Bradbury Ray One More For The Road PB 2002
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Bradbury Ray Something Wicked this Way Comes PB 1963
Bradbury Ray Toynbee Convector HB 1988
Bradbury Ray Twice 22 inclu. Golden Apples of the Sun Medicine for Melancoly HB 1966
Bradbury Ray Vintage Bradbury
Bradbury Ray Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and other Plays PB 1972
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Bradley Marion Zimmer Best of ... Fantasy Magazine
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Bradley Marion Zimmer Darkover PB 1993
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Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress PB 1984
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress II PB 1985
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress III PB 1986
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress V PB 1988
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress VI PB 1990
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress VIII PB 1991
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress X PB 1993
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress XIV PB 1997
Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword and Sorceress XIX PB 2002
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Bradley Marion Zimmer Sword of Chaos PB 1982
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Bradley Marion Zimmer Witch hill PB 1990
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Bragelonne Crossing the Boundaries: French Fantasy from Bragelonne TP 2009
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Darlton Clark Infinity Flight PB 1973 Perry Rhodan 24
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De Lint Charles Widdershins HB 2006
De Lint Charles Wild wood TP 2004
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De Lint Charles Yarrow TP 1986
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Deakins John Barrow PB 1990
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Dean Pamela C. Secret Coyuntry PB 1985
Dean Pamela C. Whim of the dragon PB 1989 Secret country
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DeChancie John Castle Forrest
DeChancie John Castle Murders PB 1991
DeChancie John Castle Perilous PB 1988
DeChancie John Castle Spellbound PB 1992
DeChancie John Interverse PB 1996
DeChancie John Kruton Interface PB 1993
DeChancie John Paradox Alley PB 1987
DeChancie John Red Limit Freeway PB 1987
DeChancie John Starrigger PB 1984
DeChancie John Witchblade: Talons PB 2002
DeChancie John & Greenberg Martin H. Castle Fantastic PB 1996
Dee Ron Descent PR 1991 Uncorrected Proof
Dehart Terry Unit TP 2010
Deighton Len SS.GB PB 1979
Deitz Tom Above the Lower Sky PB 1996
Deitz Tom Bloodwinter PB 2000
Deitz Tom Darkthunder's Way PB 1989
Deitz Tom Demons in the Green PB 1996
Deitz Tom Dreambuilder PB 1992
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Deitz Tom Fireshaper's Doom PB 1987
Deitz Tom Ghostcountry's wrath PB 1995
Deitz Tom Gryphon king PB 1989
Deitz Tom Landslayer's Law PB 1997
Deitz Tom Springwar PB 2000
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Emerson Ru On the Seas of Destiny PB 1989
Emerson Ru Princess of Flames PB 1986
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Emery Clayton Cardmaster PB 1997
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Estes Rose Troll-Quest PB 1995
Estes Rose Troll-Taken PB 1993
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Farland David
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Haldeman Joe Forever War PB 1991
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Haldeman Joe World Without End
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Hambly Barbara Dragonstar HB 2002
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Hambly Barbara Sold Down the River PB 2001
Hambly Barbara Star trek crossroad PB 1994
Hambly Barbara Stranger at the Wedding PB 1994
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Hambly Barbara Those Who Hunt the Night HB 1988
Hambly Barbara Time of the Dark PB 1983
Hambly Barbara Traveling with the dead HB 1995
Hambly Barbara Unschooled wizard HB 1987
Hambly Barbara Walls of Air PB 1983
Hambly Barbara Walls of air PB 1983
Hambly Barbara Witches of Wenshar PB 1987
Hamby Barbara Search the Seven Hills PB 1987 Quirinal Hill Affair
Hamilton Edmond Calling Captain Future PB 1967
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Hamilton Edmond Outside the Universe
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Hamilton Edmond What's It like out There?
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Hamilton Laurel K. Swallowing Darkness PB 2009
Hamilton Laurell K. Bite PB 2005
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Hamilton Laurell K. Blue Moon PB 1998
Hamilton Laurell K. Burnt Offerings PB 1998
Hamilton Laurell K. Caress of twilight HB 2002
Hamilton Laurell K. Cerulean Sins HB 2003
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Hamilton Laurell K. Danse macabre HB 2006
Hamilton Laurell K. Death of a darklord TP 1995
Hamilton Laurell K. Divine misdemeanors HB 2009
Hamilton Laurell K. Guilty Pleasures PB 1993
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Hamilton Laurell K. Incubus dreams HB 2004
Hamilton Laurell K. Killing Dance PB 1997
Hamilton Laurell K. Kiss of Shadows HB 2000
Hamilton Laurell K. Laughing Corpse PB 1994
Hamilton Laurell K. Lick of frost HB 2007
Hamilton Laurell K. Lunatic Cafe PB 1996
Hamilton Laurell K. Micah PB 2006
Hamilton Laurell K. Mistral's kiss HB 2006
Hamilton Laurell K. Narcissus In Chains HB 2001
Hamilton Laurell K. Nightseer PB 1992
Hamilton Laurell K. Obsidan butterfly HB 2000
Hamilton Laurell K. Seduced by moonlight HB 2004
Hamilton Laurell K. Strange candy HB 2006
Hamilton Laurell K. Stroke of midnight HB 2005
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Hamilton Peter F. Reality Dysfunction part 2: Expansion PB 1997
Hamilton Peter F. Second Chance at Eden PB 1999
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Hamlett Christina Enchanter HB 1990
Hammell Ian City of Assassins PB 1995
Hammond Warren Kop PB 2007
Hancock Graham Entangled TP 2010
Hancock Karen Arena PB 2002
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Hancock Niel Dragon winter PB 1978
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Hancock Niel Squaring the Circle PB 1977 Circle of Light 4
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Hancock Niel Wilderness of four-3: on the boundaries of darkness PB 1982
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Herbert Frank Hellstrom's Hive
Herbert Frank Hellstrom's Hive PB 1972
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Herbert Frank Soul catcher HB 1984 Four complete novels
Herbert Frank Under Preasure PB 1974
Herbert Frank Whipping star HB 1984 Four complete novels
Herbert Frank White Plague HB 1982
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Hines T.L. Walking lazarus HB 2006
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Hinz Christopher Ash Ock HB 1989
Hinz Christopher Liege-Killer HB 1987
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Hoban Russell Pilgermann
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Hobb Robin Mad Ship PB 1999 Live-Ship Traders Book Two
Hobb Robin Ship of Destiny PB 2001
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Malzberg Barry Galaxies PB 1975
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McKiernan Dennis L. Voyage of the fox rider PB 1994
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McMullen Sean Souls in the Great Machine PB 1999
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Mikimoto Haruhito Ecole du Ciel PB 2006 Volume 4
Milan Victor CLD: Collective Landing Detachment PB 1995
Milan Victor Cybernetic Samurai PB 1987
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Miller Walter M. Jr. Conditionally human PB 1962
Miller Walter M. Jr. Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman HB 2000
Milligan J Jackfish Hb 2004
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Minagawa Ryoji Project Arms- The Fourth Revelation: Nightmare PB 1997 Volume 11
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Minekura KIazuya Saiyuki Reload PB 2005 Volume 5
Minns Karen Marie Christa Virago PB 1990
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Norman John Tarnsmen of Gor
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Peach-Pit DearS pb 2004 Volume 5
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Radford Irene Guardian of the Trust PB 2000 Merlin's desendants #2
Radford Irene Hidden Dragon PB 2002 Stargods #1
Radford Irene Last battlemage PB 1998 Dragon nimbus history #2
Radford Irene Loneliest Magician PB 1996
Radford Irene Perfect princess PB 1995
Radford Irene Renegade dragon PB 1999 Dragon nimbus history #3
Radford Irene Wizard's treasure PB 2000 Dragon nimbus #4
Radyshevsky Dimtry Mantra PB 2002
Rahman Glenn Heir of Darkness PB 1989
Rainbolt Dusty All the marbles PB 2003
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Raphael Rick Code Three PB 1965
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Rasovsky Yuri Dybbuk AC 1999
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Rawn Melanie Dragon token PB 1992
Rawn Melanie Exiles: Mageborn Traiter v2 HB 1997
Rawn Melanie Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai v1 HB 1994 Ruins of Ambrai
Rawn Melanie Mageborn Traitor PB 1997 Exiles two
Rawn Melanie Skybowl HB 1993 Dragon star book III
Rawn Melanie Star Scroll PB 1989 Dragon Prince: Book II
Rawn Melanie Stronghold PB 1990 Dragon star: book I
Rawn Melanie Sun-Runner's Fire PB 1990 Dragon Prince: Book III
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Reaves Michael and Steve Perry Star wars medstar II: jedi healer PB 2004
Recknor Ellen Prophet Annie PB 1999
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Redmon Anne Second sight HB 1988
Redwood Steve Fisher of devils PB 2003
Reed Kit Enclave TP 2009 Advance readers copy
Reed Robert Leeshore HB 1987
Reeve Laura E. Peacekeeper PB 2008
Reeves Michael Burning Realm
Reeves-Stephens Garfield Nighteyes HB 1989
Reeves-Stephens Garfield and Judith ST Deep Space 9: War of the Prophets PB 2000
Reeves-Stephens Garfield and Judith ST: Federation HB 1994
Reeves-Stephens Garfield and Judith ST: Prime Directive HB 1990
Reeves-Stephens Judith and Garfield Inferno PB 2000 Star Trek Deep Space Nine millennium book 3
Reeves-Stephens Judith and Garfield Shifter: Chronicles of Galen Sword PB 1990
Reeves-Stevens Judith and Garfield Nightfeeder PB 1991
Reeves-Stevens Judith and Garfield Star Trek Memory prime PB 1988
Reichert Mickey Zucker Godslayer PB 1987
Reichert Mickey Zucker and Jennifer Wingert Children of Wrath HB 1998
Reichert Mickey Zucker and Jennifer Wingert Spirit Fox PB 1998
Reimann Katya Prince of fire and ashes PB 2003
Reimann Katya Tremor in the bitter earth HB 1998 Book 2 of the tielmaran chronicles
Reimann Katya Wind from a foreign sky HB 1996 Book 1 of the tielmaran chronicles
Reinius Trish Planet of tears PB 1980
Reisert Rebecca Third Witch HB 2001
Reisman Jessica Z radiant HB 2004
Relling Wiliam Jr. Silent Moon PB 1990
Renwick Brett L. Wired for chaos PB 2005
Resnick Laura Doppelgangster PB 2010
Resnick Laura In legend born HB 1998
Resnick Laura White Dragon PB 2003 Part 1 of In Fire Forged
Resnick Michael Alien Heart PB 1991 Author's Choice Monthly issue 25
Resnick Michael Goddess of Ganymede PB 1967
Resnick Mike Adventures PB 1985
Resnick Mike Alien land HB 1997
Resnick Mike Best Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gunslinger in the Whole Damed Galaxy PB 1983
Resnick Mike Dark Lady PB 1987
Resnick Mike Eros Ascending PB 1984 Tales of the Velvet Comet #1
Resnick Mike Eros at nadir PB 1986 Tales of the velvet comet #4
Resnick Mike Eros at Zenith PB 1984 Tales of the Velvet Comet #2
Resnick Mike Eros descending PB 1985
Resnick Mike Ivory PB 1989
Resnick Mike Lara Croft: tomb raider: the amulet of power PB 2003
Resnick Mike Lucifer jones PB 1992
Resnick Mike Oracle PB 1992
Resnick Mike Paradise PB 1989
Resnick Mike Prophet PB 1993
Resnick Mike Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future PB 1986
Resnick Mike Second contact PB 1990
Resnick Mike Sideshow: Galactic Midway 1 PB 1982
Resnick Mike Solo fights through shared worlds HB 1996
Resnick Mike Soothsayer PB 1991
Resnick Mike Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight PB 1987
Resnick Mike Three-Legged Hootch Dancer PB 1983 Tales of the Galactic Midway #2
Resnick Mike Walpurgis III PB 1982
Resnick Mike Widowmaker Reborn PB 1997 Volume 2 of the Widowmaker Trilogy
Resnick Mike Widowmaker Unleashed PB 1998
Resnick Mike Wild Alien Tamer PB 1983 Tales of the Galactic Midway #3
Resnick Mike - editor Alternate presidents PB 1992
Resnick Mike - editor Whatdunits PB 1992
Resnick Mike & Greenberg Martin By Any Other Name PB 1994
Resnick Mike and Martin H. Greenberg ed. Dinosaur Fantastic HB 1993
Resnick Mike and Martin H. Greenberg ed. Return of the dinosaurs PB 1997
Resnick Mike and Nick DiChario Magic feathers: the mike and nick shoq TP 2000
Resnick Mike ed. Alternate Kennedys PB 1992
Resnick Mike ed. Alternate outlaws PB 1994
Resnick Mike ed. Alternate warriors PB 1993
Resnick Mike ed. More wahtdunits PB 1993
Resnick Mike ed. This is my funniest 2 TP 2007
Reynolds Alastair Revelation space PB 2002
Reynolds Mack Chaos in Lagraangia PB 1984
Reynolds Mack Code Duello
Reynolds Mack Commune 2000 A. D. PB 1974
Reynolds Mack Galactic Medal of Honor PB 1976
Reynolds Mack Lagrangists PB 1983
Reynolds Mack Mercenary from Tomorrow PB 1968
Reynolds Mack Perchance to dream PB 1977
Reynolds Mack Planetary Agent X PB nd
Reynolds Mack Rolltown PB 1976
Reynolds Mack Trojan Orbit PB 1985
Reynolds Mack amd Dean ING Other Time PB 1984
Reynolds Mack/Lory Robert Space Barbarians/Eyes of Bolsk...ace double PB 1969
Reynolds Ted Tides of God PB 1989
Rhodes Daniel Next after lucifer HB 1987
Rhodes Evie Expired PB 2005
Rhodes Jenna Four forges HB 2006 Elven ways book one
Rice Anne Blood Canticle HB 2003 Vampire Chronicles
Rice Anne Interview with the vampire PB 1976
Rice Anne Queen of the Damned HB 1988
Rice Anne Tale of the Body Thief PB 1992
Rice Anne Taltos PB 1995
Rice Anne Vampire Lestat PB 1985
Rice Patricia Much ado about magic PB 2005
Rice Peter L. Renegade Legion:Monsoon PB 1992
Richards Joel Pindharee PB 1986
Richards Justin Theatre of war PB 1994 The new doctor adventures
Richards L.B. Adventures of charley tooth PB 2004
Richards Leigh Califa's daughters PB 2004
Richardson Kat Greywalker PB 2009
Richardson Kat Poltergeist PB 2009
Richardson L. B. Adventures of charley tooth TP 2004
Richer Julie Chosen Ones TP 19999
Richmond Walt & Leigh Challenge the Hellmaker PB 1976
Richmond Walt & Leigh Gallagher's glacier PB 1970 Postive charge
Richmond Walt and Leigh Phoenix ship PB 1969 Ace double/earthrim
Rickman Phil Curfew HB 1993
Ringo John Against the tide HB 2005
Ringo John Claws that Catch TP 2008
Ringo John Hell's Faire HB 2003
Ringo John Hymn Before battle HB 2000
Ringo John Into the looking glass PB 2007
Ringo John Live free or die HB 2010
Ringo John and Julie Cochrane Cally's war HB 2004
Ringo John and Linda Evans Road to Damascus HB 2004
Ringo John and Tom Kratman Tuloriad HB 2009
Ripley Karen Alchemist of time PB 1994 Book three of the slow world
Ripley Karen Persistence of Memory PB 1993
Ripley Karen Prisoner of Dreams PB 1989
Ripley Karen Warden of horses PB 1994 Book two of the slow world
Rivkah Steady Beat Pb 2005 Volume 1
Rivkah Steady Beat PB 2006 Volume 2
Rivkin J. F. Web of wind PB 1987
Robb J. D. Born in death PB 2007
Robb J. D. Divided in death PB 2004
Robb J. D. Imitation in death PB 2003
Robb J. D. Origin in death HB 2005
Robb J. D. Portrait in death PB 2003
Robb J. D. Purity in death PB 2002
Robb J. D. Salvation in death PB 2009
Robb J. D. Strangers in Death HB 2008
Robb J. D. Survivor in death PB 2005
Robb J. D. Visions in death HB 2004
Robbins Tom Another Roadside Attraction PB 1977
Roberson Jennifer Daughter of Lion PB 1989
Roberson Jennifer Flight of the Raven PB 1990
Roberson Jennifer Legacy of the Sword PB 1986
Roberson Jennifer Pride of Princes PB 1988
Roberson Jennifer Shapechangers PB 1984
Roberson Jennifer Song of Homana PB 1985 Chronicles of the Cheysuli: Book 2
Roberson Jennifer Sword-Born PB 1998 A novel of Tiger and Del
Roberson Jennifer Sword-Breaker PB 1991
Roberson Jennifer Sword-Dancer PB 1986
Roberson Jennifer Sword-Maker PB 1989
Roberson Jennifer Sword-Singer PB 1988
Roberson Jennifer Tapestry of Lions PB 1992
Roberson Jennifer Track of the White Wolf PB 1978
Roberson Jennifer ed. Out of avalon PB 2001
Roberts Gareth Highest Science PB 1993 The new doctor who adventures
Roberts Gareth Tragedy day PB 1994 The new doctor who adventures
Roberts John Maddox Black Shields PB 1991
Roberts John Maddox Cingulum PB 1985
Roberts John Maddox Cloak of illusion PB 1985 Cingulum #2
Roberts John Maddox Space Angel PB 1979
Roberts John Maddox Spacer: Window of the Mind PB 1988
Roberts John Maddox Sword the jewel and the mirror PB 1988 Cingulum III
Roberts Keith Inner Wheel HB 1970
Roberts Keith Kiteworld PB 1988
Robertson Len Bridge of the Gods PB 2000 Galatian Series bk. 1
Robertson Linda Vicious Circle PB 2009
Robertson Pat The End of the Age HB 1995
Robertson R. Garcia Y Spiral Dance HB 1991
Robeson Kenneth Black Spot PB 1974
Robeson Kenneth Cartoon crimes PB 1974 Avenger #31
Robeson Kenneth Czar of Fear PB 1968
Robeson Kenneth Dagger in the sky PB 1969
Robeson Kenneth Derrick Devil PB 1973 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Devil Genghis PB 1974
Robeson Kenneth Devils Playground PB 1968
Robeson Kenneth Doc Savage: Brand of the Werewolf PB 1972 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Fortress of Solitude PB 1968
Robeson Kenneth Freckled Shark PB 1972 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Goblins #125 & The Secret of the Su #126 PB 1985 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Gold Orge PB 1969
Robeson Kenneth Land of Long Juju PB 1970 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Lost Oasis PB 1965 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Magic Island PB 1977
Robeson Kenneth Man from Atlantis PB 1974 The Avenger #25
Robeson Kenneth Man of Bronze PB 1964 Doc Savage
Robeson Kenneth Man Who Shook the Earth PB 1969
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Robinett Stephen Projections PB 1979
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Robinson Frank M.
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Robinson Kim Stanley Red Mars HB 1993
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Robinson Kim Stanley Years of rice and salt HB 2002
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Robinson Spider Callahan's con PB 2003
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Robinson Spider Callahan's Lady PB 1990
Robinson Spider Callahan's legacy PB 1996
Robinson Spider Callahan's secret PB 1986
Robinson Spider Lady slings the booze PB 1992
Robinson Spider Melancholy elephants PB 1985
Robinson Spider Mindkiller PB 1988
Robinson Spider Telempath PB 1983
Robinson Spider Time Pressure HB 1987
Robinson Spider Time travelers strictly cash PB 1981
Robinson Spider User friendly PB 1998
Robinson Spider Very bad deaths HB 2004
Robinson Spider Very Hard Choices PB 2009
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Robinson Spider and Jeanne Starseed PB 1991
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Roby James Commitment PB 1997
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Rogers Mark E Zorachus TP 1986
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Rohan Michael Scott Hammer of the Sun
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Roselle Daniel Transformations II PB 1974 Understanding American History through Science Fiction
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Rubens Michael Sheriff of Yrnameer HB 2009
Rucker Rudy Freeware TP 1997
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Rucker Rudy Master of Space and Time HB 1984
Rucker Rudy Realware PB 2001
Rucker Rudy Spaceland HB 2002
Rucker Rudy Wetware PB 1988
Ruckley Brian Bloodheir TP 2008
Ruditis Paul Charmed leo rising PB 2007
Ruff Matt Fool on the hill HB 1988
Ruff Matt Sewer Gas & Electric HB 1997
Ruggiero Tony Team of Darkness TP 2002 Signed copy
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Rusch Kristine Kathryn Black Queen PB 1999 Black Throne Book One
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Changeling PB 1996 Fey The second book
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Heart Readers PB 1993
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Resistance PB 1998 Fey The fourth book
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Rival PB 1997 Fey The third book
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Sacrifice PB 1996 Fey The first book
Rusch Kristine Kathryn Victory PB 1998 Fey The fifth book
Rusch Kristine Kathryn White mists of power PB 1991
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Rush Jaime Perfect darkness PB 2009
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Russ Joanna Female Man PB 1973
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Russ Joanna Zanzibar Cat PB 1984
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Russell Eric Frank Wasp Hb 1964
Russell John Robert Ta PB 1976
Russell Sean Beneath the Vaulted Hills PB 1997 The River into Darkness Book One
Russell Sean Gatherer of Clouds PB 1992
Russell Sean Initiate Brother The
Russell Sean One kingdom HB 2001 Book one of the swans' war
Russell Sean Sea without a Shore PB 1996 Moontide and Magic Rise
Russell Sean The Compass of the Soul PB 1998 The River into Darkness book 2
Russell Sean World Without End PB 1994 Moontide and Magic Rise book one
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Ryan Alan ed. Vampires HB 1987
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Saberhagen Fred Berserker attack PB 1987
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Sheckley Robert Journey beyond tomorrow PB 1962
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Sheffield Charles Nimrod Hunt PB 1986
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Sheffield Charles Sight of Proteus HB 1978
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Shelley Rick Seven towers: the wizard at mecq PB 1994
Shelton Artemus I hope the world can take it HB 2006
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Shepherd Mark Elvendude PB 1994
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Sievert John CADS: #4 Tech Strike Force PB 1987
Sigler Scott Ancestor HB 2010
Sigler Scott Infected HB 2008
Sigler Scott Rookie HB 2009 Galactic football league book 1
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Sigurdson Kirk Cowslip PB 2002
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Silverberg Robert Dying Inside
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Simak Clifford D.
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White James Star surgeon PB 1963
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White James Watch Below PB 1966
White John Iron Sceptre TP 1981
White Kiersten Paranormalcy HB 2010
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White T.H. Mistress Masham's Repose PB 1979
White T.H. Once and future king PB 1958
White Ted Captain America: the great gold steal PB 1968
White Ted No Time Like Tomorrow HB 1969
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White Ted Sorceress of Qar PB 1966
White Ted Spawn of the Death Machine PB 1974
White Ted Star wolf PB 1971
White Ted and Dave Bischoff Forbidden World PB 1978
Whiteford Wynne Breathing Space Only PB 1986
Whiteford Wynne Sapphire Road PB 1986
Whiteley Jan Shimsara TP 1998
Whiteson Leon Scanners PB 1980
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Whitmore Charles Winter's Daughter HB 1984
Whitney-Robinson Voronica Sands of the soul PB 2002 Sembia gateway to the realms book vi
Whyte Jack Eagles' brood PB 1998 Camulod chronicles
Whyte Jack Fort at river's bend PB 2000 Camulod chronicles book five
Whyte Jack Saxon shore PB 1999 Camulod chronicles
Whyte Jack Singing sword PB 1995 Camulod chronicles book two
Whyte Jack Skystone PB 1996
Whyte Jack Sorcerer: metamorphosis PB 1999 Camulod chronicles
Wibberley Leonard Mouse that Roared PB 1966
Widman Christine Star Grazers HB 1989
Wilder Cherry Luck of Brin's Five PB 1977
Wilder Cherry Pringess of the Chameln A
Wilder Cherry Second Nature PB 1982
Wilhelm Kate City of Cain PB 1974
Wilhelm Kate CLEWISTON TEST HB 1976
Wilhelm Kate Crazy time HB 1988
Wilhelm Kate Huysman's Pets HB 1986
Wilhelm Kate Infinity Box PB 1977
Wilhelm Kate Juniper time HB 1979
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Wilhelm Kate Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang HB 1976
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Williams David J. Mirrored heavens PB 2008
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Williams Gordon Revolt of the Micronauts PB 1981
Williams Jay The Hero from Otherwhere PB 1973
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Williams Liz Ghost Sister PB 2001
Williams Michael Arcady TP 1996
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Williams Tad To green angel tower HB 1993 Book 3 of Memory sorrow and thorn
Williams Walter Jon Ambassador of Progress PB 1984
Williams Walter Jon Angel station HB 1989
Williams Walter Jon Aristoi PB 1992
Williams Walter Jon Days of Atonement PB 1992
Williams Walter Jon Hardwired PB 1986
Williams Walter Jon Knight Moves PB 1985
Williams Walter Jon Voice of the Whirlwind HB 1987
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Williamson Chet Reign HB 1990
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Williamson Jack Humanoids HB 1980
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Williamson Jack Manseed HB 1982
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Williamson Jack Power of Blackness PB 1976
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Williamson Michael Z. Freehold PB 2004
Willis Connie Bellwether TP 1996
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Willis Connie Passage PB 2002
Willis Connie Remake PB 1995
Willis Connie To say nothing of the dog HB 1997
Willis Paul J. No Clock in the Forest PB 1993
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Wilson Snoo Spaceache
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Wold Allen L. Jewels of the Dragon PB 1986
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Wold Allen L. V: Persuit of Diana PB 1984
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Wolf Joan Poisoned Serpent HB 2000
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Woo Rebirth Pb 2003 Volume 17
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Wyndham John Chocky HB 1968
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Wyndham John Trouble with Lichen PB 1960
Yarbro Chelsea Quinn Ariosto PB 1980
Yarbro Chelsea Quinn Crown of Empire PB 1994
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Yarbro Chelsea Quinn Night blooming HB 2002
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Yolen Jane White jenna PB 1989
Youn Jae-Ho Angel Cup PB 2001 Volume 2
Young Janine Ellen Cinderblock PB 1997
Young Jim Armed Memory HB 1995
Young Jim Face of the deep PB 1979
Young Robert F. Eridahn PB 1983
Young Roy V. Captains outrageous PB 1994 For doom the bell tolls
Young Roy V. Yor's revenge PB 1995
Yu Charles How to live safely in a science fictional universe HB 2010
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Yutenji Ako LiLing Po Pb 1998 Volume 3
Yutenji Ako LiLing Po PB 2001 Volume 5
Zackey Christopher A. Skyslanders HB 2002
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Zelazny Roger Doorways in the Sand HB 1976