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Tentative BSFS Membership Book Review Site Rules and Submission Guidelines as of 7-18-08

The following rules are tentative and subject to change at any time for any reason.

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1. Book reviews are to be from BSFS members only. BSFS members are regular, life and Balticon members, Balticon Members are those who bought a membership to last Balticon or the next Balticon.

2. Reviews should be more than one paragraph long. Two or three paragraphs are great and even longer pieces are desirable as long as they have something to say.

3. Explain, compare, contrast the work under review and tell us why you liked it or not and if you believe others would like it. Avoid outright spoilers which would ruin the experience of the work for a reader.

4. No plagiarism. Duh…

5. If you use formal citations, we prefer APA style, including in body APA citation style. However, we are not strict about it as long as proper credit is given. Our page formatting will be standard text html default markup, but you only need to send simple plain text.

6. No personal attacks on the author. Criticize the work, but not the individual. Many authors write great villains, but that does not mean they are villains themselves. Even if you believe they are for some reason, focus on the work.

7. Send reviews as text files in the body of an email to dale at bsfs dot org       If Dale believes any of the above rules have been violated he will send the file to another BSFS officer for review, and if they believe the rules have been violated, a full review by the BSFS BOD will occur with the review author given the opportunity to explain the suspected plagiarism or other material. The vast majority of reviews will simply be posted as is and we do not promise to catch any error.

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