Semi-Finalists for the 30th Compton Crook Award (2012) 
The 2012 Winner of the 30th Compton Crook Award is highlighted.
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  Amazon Item Number
Author First Name Author Last Name Novel Title Publisher Copyright /Release Hard Cover Trade Paperback Mass Market Paperback Kindle Item No. (Amazon) Audio
Timothy Scott Bennett All of the Above Blue Hag Books 08/21/11 193687900X N/A N/A B005IDUAWM N/A
Ernest Cline Ready Player One Crown Publishing Gp 08/16/11 030788743X 307887448 N/A B004J4WKUQ 307913147
Lia Habel Dearly Departed Ballantine/ Del Rey 01/18/11 345523318 N/A 345523326 B004J4XA2I 0307876055
Kat Heckenbach Finding Angel Splashdown Books 10/01/11 N/A 1927154138 N/A B005JSZFAS N/A
Barbara Friend Ish The Shadow of the Sun Mercury Retrograde Press 02/22/11 N/A 193642701X N/A B004OR1SNI N/A
Howard Andrew Jones The Desert of Souls Thomas Dunne Books 02/15/11 B007K4IA10 1250001994 N/A B00457X8EO N/A
T. C. McCarthy Germline Orbit (Hachette Grp) 08/01/11 N/A N/A 031612818X B0047Y16NU 1441793542
Will McIntosh Soft Apocalypse Night Shade Books 03/29/11 N/A N/A 159780276X B006OOL1QI B0053ET450
Keven Newsome Winter Splashdown Books 06/01/11 N/A 0987653105 N/A B0053D5S4C B008BRDASS
David Nickle Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism ChiZine Publications 04/15/11 N/A 1926851110 N/A B007OWQNGC B006NTH780
 Peter Orullian The Unremembered: Book One of The Vault of Heaven Tor Books 04/12/11 0765325713 B0079WZIZE 0765364697 B004L2LMFA N/A
Gaie Sebold Babylon Steel Solaris Books 12/27/11 N/A 1907992375 1907992383 B006PKV4Q8 N/A
James L. Sutter Death's Heretic Paizo Publishing, LLC 11/29/11 N/A N/A 1601253699 N/A N/A
Cindy Young-Turner Thief of Hope Crescent Moon Press 05/16/11 N/A 0982820070 N/A B0051AUCZW N/A