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Author Last Name Author First Name   Publisher
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Copyright / Release Date Hardcover Trade Paperback Mass Market Paperback Kindle Audio
Appelhans Lenore Level 2 (Memory Chronicles) Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers 01/15/13 1442441852 1442441860 due out 9/3/2013 N/A B00BSAOLYW 0307942678
Bell Matt In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods Soho Press 06/18/13 1616952539 NA NA B008ADFK9A B00D8JA51E
Bland Roxann The Underground Blackrose Press 01/09/13   0615563341   B00B6IVMBG  
Bowman Erin Taken HarperTeen 04/16/13 0062117262 0062117270--3/18/14 NA B0089LOH2Y N/A
Cargill C. Robert Dreams and Shadows: A Novel Harper Voyager; First Edition edition 2/26/2013 (HB, Kin, Aud) 10/29/13 (TPB) 0062190423 0062190431 NA B0089LOFS0 B00B29PSKK
Chapman Elsie Dualed Random House Books for Young Readers 02/26/13 0307931544 N/A N/A B00957T3JI B00B4D3RAW
Chu Wesley The Lives of Tao Angry Robot  04/30/13 N/A N/A 0857663291 B00A1M5EG2 146927177X
Collins Renee Relic Entagled: Teen 08/27/13 N/A N/A 1622660145 B00BQMOHJ6 B00B4D3RAW
Crewe Eliza Cracked Strange Chemistry 11/05/13 NA NA 1908844671 B00CQZ5R8W  
DeLima Jan Celtic Moon Ace 09/24/13 NA NA 0425266206 B00BF08AOM Kindle is TTS enabled.
Demchick Harrison The Listeners Bancroft Press 12/17/12          
DeSouza Clyde Memories With Maya CreateSpace 03/16/13 NA 1482514885 NA B00BMAQVRS Kindle is TTS enabled.
Diehl Daniel Revelations: Book 1of The Merlin Chronicles Sunbury Press, Inc. 12/11/12 NA 1620061376 NA B00ALZ6MSI Kindle is TTS enabled.
dos Santos Steven The Culling Flux 03/08/13 NA 073873537X NA B00BBE7Q42 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Driza Debra Mila 2.0 Katherine Tegen Books 03/12/13 0062090364 NA NA B0089LOMTM B00B8VQXMO
Ellison Danielle Salt Spencer Hill Press Salt - Aug 2013 NA NA NA NA NA
Evans Leigh The Trouble with Fate St. Martin's Paperbacks; First Edition edition  (UK TPB - TOR) 12/24/12 MMP 1/3/13 TPB 1447231260 N/A 1250006406 B008MWL7NW Kindle is TTS enabled.
Forster Miriam City of a Thousand Dolls HarperTeen 02/05/13 062121308 N/A N/A B0089LOGES B00B28GZKI
Gallant Gail Apparition Doubleday Canada 09/03/13 N/A 0385679629 N/A B00CK8CJXQ Kindle is TTS enabled.
Gannon Charles E. Fire With Fire Baen 03/15/13 N/A 1451638833 N/A B00BVBRMDK Kindle is TTS enabled.
Gemmell Stella The City Ace (US printing) UK printing 4/25/13 06/04/13 0425264181 N/A 0593070992 B00BI37IYO Kindle is TTS enabled.
Goodnight Keith F. The Child (The Red Light and Shadow, Book 1) 47North 11/05/13 N/A 1477807721 N/A B00BQHQBE0 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Harken Robert Life on Nubis Harken Media 01/01/13   1479211796   B00AVLL6MY  
Higgins Peter Wolfhound Centery Orbit; 1 Edition (HB); Gollanz (TPB) 03/26/13 0316219673 0575130547 N/A B0092XNB0M Kindle is TTS enabled.
Hough Jason M. The Darwin Elevator Ballantine/Del Rey 07/30/13     0345537122 B00BABT9VY B00E5O2AW8
Howard A. G. Splintered Amulet 01/01/13 1419704281 1419706276   B008JHQ56Y 1620647257
Johnstone Ian The Bell Between Worlds Harper Collins 06/06/13 0007491220 N/A 0007491239 B00AXPJO2C Kindle is TTS enabled.
Kahler Alex The Immortal Circus (Cirque des Immortels) 47North 12/04/12 N/A N/A 1611099447 B009ZCGIL4 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Kimmel Daniel Shh! It's a Secret: A novel about Aliens, Hollywood, and the Bartenders Guide Fantastic Boods 01/15/13 N/A 1617207330 N/A B00B84B8K8 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Knight Francis Fade to Black Orbit 02/26/13 N/A N/A 0316217689 B0089EHPJI B00B50ICWW
Laugheed K. B. The Spirit Keeper Plume 09/24/13 N/A N/A 0142180335 B00C5R7D1A B00C5R7D1A
Leckie Ann Ancillary Justice Orbit 10/01/13 NA 031624662X NA B00BAXFDLM Kindle is TTS enabled.
Lunetta Demitria In The After HarperTeen 06/25/13 0062105450 NA NA B009NG0GD8 B00D1YNNJW
McClellan Brian Promise of Blood Orbit 04/16/13 0316219037 0316219045   B0092XHPIG  
McGinnis Mindy Not a Drop to Drink Katherine Tegen Books 09/24/13 0062198505 NA NA B00BATIJYE Kindle is TTS enabled.
McQuein Josin L. Arclight Greenwillow Books (HB); Electric Monkey (TPB) 4/23/2013 (HB, Kindle); 8/5/13 (TPB) 0062130145 1405263946 0062130153 B009NFBWUA B00BW9KHOM
Mlawski Shana Hammer of Witches Tu Books 04/09/13 1600609872     B00CC2P7YI B00C9KC6Y2
Oh Ellen Prophecy (The Dragon King Chronicles) Harper Teen 01/02/13 0062091093 0062091107 N/A B0089LOH60 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Naam Ramez Nexus Angry Robot 12/18/12 0857662937 N/A N/A 0009U9S6B2 1480521345
Planck M. C. The Kassa Gambit TOR Books 01/08/13 076533092X N/A NA B00AEC8OUM Kindle is TTS enabled.
Preston, Jr. Richard Ellis Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders (The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin, Book One)  47North; Unabridged Edition 07/02/13 NA 1611099188 NA B009PS42YI 1469290022
Rosenblum Gregg Revolution 19 Harper Teed 01/08/13 0062125958 Available 2014 N/A B0089LOLR0 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Schafer Kerry Between Ace 01/29/13 N/A N/A 042526114X B0095ZMQD0 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Schoon Christian Zenn Scarlett Strange Chemistry 05/02/13 N/A 1908844558 N/A B00A5MRBJQ B00A5MRBJQ
Scott Julianna The Holders Strange Chemistry 03/05/13 N/A 1908844434 N/A B009Y3ON7A Kindle is TTS enabled.
Shannon Samantha The Bone Season Bloomsbury USA, 1 edition 08/20/13 1620401398 N/A N/A B00B73NYDO Kindle is TTS enabled.
Sheehan Jason A Private Little War 47North 06/11/13 NA NA 1611098947 B009H73MBG 1480533084
Sims Bennett A Questionable Shape Two Dollar Radio 05/21/13 NA 1937512096 NA B00BS02RDE Kindle is TTS enabled.
Taber Deb Necessary Ill  Aqueduct Press 03/01/13 NA 1619760223 1937512096 B00BR915G6 Kindle is TTS enabled.
Winters Cat In The Shadow of Blackbirds Amulet Books 04/02/13 141970530X     B00C6ACUB4