31st Compton Crook Award Candidate Novels (Award Year 2013) Click on the numbers below to go to the Amazon page for each item. If you let the mouse hover over a number, the screen tip will tell you what version of the book the number represents.
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Author First Name Author Last Name Novel Title Publisher
 (Print *P; eBook *E; Audio *A)
Copyright / Release Date Hardcover Trade Paperback Mass Market Paperback Kindle Audio
Alex Adams White Horse Atria/Emily Bestler Bks *P*E;
Blackstone Aud *A
4/17/2012 *HC; 12/18/12 *PB 1451642997 N/A 1451643004 B005JSV1F6 1455165913
Cassie Alexander Nightshifted St. Martins PB's *P*E;
Blackstone Audio *A
05/22/12 N/A N/A 312553390 B0071VUY3Y N/A
Heather  Anastasiu Glitch St. Martin's Griffin 08/07/12 N/A N/A 1250002990 B007CLBKXQ N/A
Rhonda Grant Boles The Legacy of Hades Xlibris Corp. 2/2/12 *P, 4/5/2012 *A 1469151944 N/A 1469151936 B007H5N2JM N/A
Jennifer Bosworth Struck Farrar, Straus & Giroux (BYR) 05/08/12 374372837 N/A 085753095X B005J4EVQG N/A
Myke Cole Shadow Ops:  Control Point Ace; Original Edition 01/31/12 N/A N/A 1937007243 B005ERIJ2U B0076POQCK
Moira Crone The Not Yet Uno Press 04/16/12 N/A 1608010724 N/A B007ZQ6IYO N/A
Donna Galanti A Human Element Echelon Press Publishing 03/10/12 N/A N/A 1590808762 B007IIIZUO N/A
Peter Heller The Dog Stars: A Novel Knopf Doubleday *P*E; Random House Audio *A 08/07/12 307959945 N/A N/A B007GZELF2 449013111
Chris F. Holm Dead Harvest Angry Robot Books 02/28/12 N/A 857662171 085766218X B0054TVJOI N/A
Suzanne Johnson Royal Street Tor Books 04/10/12 N/A N/A 765327791 B006OM459U N/A
S. J. Kincaid Insignia Katherine Tegen Books;
Harper Collins
7/10/2012 *HC*K;
8/2/12 *PB; 
62092995 N/A 147140000X B006YFALFO N/A
Jay Kristoff Stormdancer Thomas Dunne Books
St. Martins Press
09/18/12 1250001404 N/A N/A B007XSN05E N/A
Ted Kosmatka The Games Random House Pub. Grp (Del Rey First Fiction) *HC*A;
Titan *PB
3/13/2012 *HC; 1/29/2013 *PB 345526619 N/A 1781164142 B005723LES N/A
John  Love Faith Night Shade Books 1/3/2012 (UK); 1/1/2012 (USA) N/A N/A 1597803901 B006QNNI18 N/A
Justin Macumber Haywire Gryphonwood Press 03/06/12 N/A N/A 983765588 B007HVVC7A N/A
Alicia L.  McCalla Breaking Free Heart Ally Books 2/1/2012 *PB; 1/17/12 *E N/A N/A 983513376 B006ZCUFM0 N/A
Brian McGreevey Hemlock Grove Farrar, Straus & Giroux *P*E;
Blackstone Aud *A
03/27/12 N/A N/A 374532915 B005VD8MTW 1455164461
E. C. Myers Fair Coin Pyr 03/27/12 1616146095 N/A N/A B007C6PTN8 N/A
Lydia Netzer Shine, Shine, Shine St. Martin's Press *P*E;
Macmillan Audio *A
07/17/12 1250007070 N/A N/A B006ZL9DRO 1427221391
Anthony J. Rapino Soundtrack to the End of the World Bad Moon Books 04/01/12 N/A 985194030 N/A N/A N/A
Kristen Simmons Article 5 Tor Teen 1/31/2012 *HC*E*A 1/8/2013 *PB 765329581 N/A N/A B005KJJ4Q2 B0077L07UI
Jeff Salyards Scourge of the Betrayer Night Shade Books 05/01/12 1597804061 N/A N/A B008258IPY N/A
David Tallerman Giant Thief Angry Robot 1/31/2012 *P; May 2012 *A N/A 0857662104 0857662112 B004ZZP628 1455885193
Karen Thompson Walker The Age of Miracles: A Novel Randon House *P`*E;
Randon House Audio *A
06/26/12 812992970 N/A N/A B005SHPWQC 307970698
Ruth Warburton A Witch in Winter Hodder Children's Books 01/05/12 N/A N/A 1444904698 B006CUYZ26 N/A
Danie Ware Ecko Rising Titan 9/28/2012 (UK); Jan 2013 (US) For 2012, this book is available from Amazon.co.uk only N/A 085768762X N/A N/A
Jennifer Word The Society - Book One: Genesis Stony Meadow Publishing  03/30/12 N/A N/A 985029080 B007X55N8O N/A